Mrs. B

My dear dog Mrs. B, the greatest mutt in the whole world, is not faring well. She's throwing up a few times a week and peeing, pooping and gag -- eating the poop then throwing it back up just about every day. We think she had an ulcer, but I got pissed at the vet when I took her in three separate times and the answer every time was even more tests (read: cha-CHING). It also happened to be with three different vets, and I realized that they all had differing opinions on what her deal was. So in April I called the vet I liked and said look, I need you to make your best guess as to what is up. We can't afford to keep coming in for multiple tests, and we definitely can't afford to pay $55 to walk in the door. So, she called in a prescription for some ulcer medication. That seemed to work great, and she wasn't throwing up. It also has helped to give her Pepcid every morning and night. But she continues to lose weight, so she's now a scrawny little thing and generally seems unhappy. Which makes me want to bawl my eyes out. I can handle the mess, though it is taxing and well, gross. But I can't handle the thought of her being in pain or unhappy. This is the dog I call Baby Dog. She moved across the country for me. When Pete and I dated and broke up for a bit, Mrs. B was the one who had trouble reconciling with him; she'd sleep between us in bed. This is my dog. My beloved dog. She'll be 14 this year, but she's a terrier mix and they live forever, right?

Armed with our (only) emergency credit card, we are heading to the vet Monday (it was the soonest appointment with the doc we like). Please say a little prayer for my little dog. I am optimistic and hopeful they will be able to treat her and we'll have a bit more time with her, perhaps with her tail wagging. 


  1. Mrs. B is the greatest dog EVER. She's why we got our Guinness. You have given her the best life possible, a doggie couldn't ask for more. I hope she feels better. xoxo

  2. i will be thinking of you on monday. i hope mrs b. is okay.

  3. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Praying for Mrs. B and you... you're a great dog mom for getting her the care she needs.

    I'm a dog mom too and 2 years ago my dog needed emergency surgery to the tune of $8K. Everyone thought I was crazy but our dogs are family members. You wouldn't put a price tag on a family member, if they need medical care, it's the right thing to do. I would sell my car and everything I own and go into debt to pay for my pet's health if it came to that. But too often I see people just put the pet to sleep because it's too expensive, just makes me sick.

    And recently people who are being forclosed on and giving away their pet because the rental they are moving to doesn't allow pets. So find a rental that does! You wouldn't leave your family member behind, why a pet? Ya know?

    Sorry for the rant, I just get worked up about this topic! I'm so glad you are doing this and I think you're a wonderful pet owner. Good luck!

  4. Anonymous4:51 PM

    All our love and good wishes from Baltimore. We will be thinking only good thoughts. Max is 14 this year, too, and we're really starting to notice the age in him too. And the thought that he won't be with us forever just breaks our heart. I can't help but think back to the days when they were young and spry and chasing squirrels together. Baylee: "Max, I'll run around all the trees and check back with you in a few minutes." Max: "Ok. I'll be right here watching this tree. If he comes back down, I'll bark and start running. I'll try to steer it toward you." Baylee: "Cool. Back in a jiff to give you a report of squirrel activity from the rest of the trees." Those were the days. :)



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