More Updates on Mrs. B

I have to make this quick because I'm zonked and so ready for bed. But here's the update:

  • Her bloodwork came back actually looking really great. The doc sounded surprised. 
  • Her abdominal ultrasound was clear and clean. No cancer. 
  • Her heart ultrasound wasn't as great -- her murmur is clear and you could see where blood leaks because the valve doesn't shut properly. The prednisone can aggravate the heart murmur. So we're trying a lower dose. 
  • She also has a urinary tract infection, so we now have antibiotics for that, and probiotics to hopefully counteract any problems those create. So now she's on: prednisone, pepcid, anti-nausea, antibiotic and the probiotics.

Very gross, too much information why are you telling us this part of the post: she left us at least 6 pieces of poop on the carpet today, but no pee and no vomit. This is despite taking her out at least 4x a day to have massive massive massive soft-serve poop. :( And yet this is progress. I feel so bad for her - she's basically starving to death. She's not absorbing any nutrients; everything is running right through her. But I'm hopeful the medications will make a difference and we can get her turned around. Here's my favorite picture of her.