Fitness Updates

I went to the gym 2 weeks ago. Since then, it's been nada on the fitness department. I'm recalibrating. I am loving the walking and stair climbing part of commuting; I feel like I get some activity and it's nice to feel my booty burnin when I climb the stairs. But I'm trying to figure out what is feasible over the next few months. I've told myself about a million times all I really need to do to stay fit and feel good is strength training 3x a week, and I can do that 2x a week on week nights. It's only 2 nights. I can do this. Then I do one more session on the weekends. Yet it hasn't happened. True we've had company in town and a zillion things going on. Most nights are pretty unpredictable; if I can't get off the train at a reasonable time, then traffic is a nightmare on the way home. Last night we didn't get home until 7:15 because we stopped at Chipotle as we were all famished. :( On nights like that, should I just change my clothes and proceed, ignoring the fact I'm exhausted and wound up? 

I've told myself that spending time with Lucia could = taking her for a walk. Then I read damn Amy and her inspiring posts and I contemplate getting a used jogging stroller and training for something. I miss having a goal. I've experimenting with caffeinating in the afternoon to power me through; that seems to be helping some. I will say that I really miss using my afternoon workouts to CTRL+ALT+DEL my mood and energy. I come home, even after being on the train, all wound up and jacked. Which is probably why ....

My neck, hips and back are aching and what I'm craving most is yoga or a long make out session with the foam roller. After reading this and realizing it is probably what I need most. It's just finding the time and energy to do it; if I wait until 8 p.m. I'll likely fall asleep on the mat. But maybe not. 

I'm hopeful if we move to a smaller (read: less expensive) place, I might be able to afford the gym near the office so I can scoot over at lunch. Or even better, at the end of the work day before I go home. My company offers yoga, but you know how effing weird I get in class settings. MUST BE THE BEST. MUST ACHIEVE. Something comes over me and I'm the most obnoxious person in the world. It's the opposite of a calming experience. 

How should I fit in working out? Should I just let it go and be OK with booty burnin stair climbing? Should I drink even more coffee to power me through? 


  1. I'd say, if you can, try to fit in a little something at lunch. Even if you don't love the yoga class at work, maybe you can learn to like it? Or just take a nice little walk around the city for 30-45 min? Breathe some fresh air and get out of the office. Otherwise, it seems like it would be ideal to try to make it to the gym on your way home before you encounter the chaos. I know it's tough to balance work, social life and exercise as a person without kids so I can't even imagine throwing a family in the mix. Hang in there!

  2. Ahhhh, you're too good to me.
    I'm thinking back to my first real job after having James. I actually had a super long commute, too. I'd literally wear a sports bra to work every day. Then I'd sneak out the office door every morning and afternoon and run 12-15 minutes outside, in my work clothes. I'd do it slow enough that I wouldn't get sweaty. Then I'd walk at lunch. Everyone else was taking chat/smoke/junk food breaks, so I thought I could jet out the door for a minute.
    Isn't the weird???? They all thought so, too.
    What can I say? Most of them were tubby, I wasn't!


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