Favorite Things from the Weekend

Favorite thing I ate: You'd think it would be the $55 veal from Mario Batali's restaurant. Yes, it was mind-blowing but not as much as the warm brownie pudding, which basically tasted like half-baked brownie. Found at the buffet yesterday at the hotel. I had seconds. Yes I did!

Favorite thing I drank: frozen raspberry lemonade with rum. Hello. But it was so sugary it must have been a zillion calories. And unfortunately it costs $22, $26 with tip. Hubs and I decided to go to 7-11 yesterday and then the liquor store for rum. I got the Crystal Light slurpee, which was delicious with spiced rum. Cost: about $7 and several hundred less calories. My ghetto-fabulous trick for next time.

Favorite moment: laying in the shallow gradual slope to the pool yesterday in about 6 inches of water. I was able to have my ears under, so everything was muffled and I just looked up at the sky and blissed out. God it was awesome.