I made it to the gym tonight; at 8:15 with the kid crying and not wanting to go to bed, Pete insisted I go (he's the greatest support ever). I went. I did simple HIIT, 6 intervals of running with 2 mins walking in between. My incline was 2% (I put it up on 3% last time and ached for days, not in a good way) and I gradually increased my speed for most intervals.

I am still getting used to the commute and morning routine. 5:30 is never an awesome time to be up; I am far from a morning person. But I am scraping by. I'm pretty proud of myself for getting to the gym, despite everything that's going on. GO ME!

PS Going to Vegas in 10 days (nice how I snuck that in there? Details to come) and back to low-carb to look super hotty. I can't lie, I'll probably just do low-carb for forever. I feel so much better.