Started the Tom Venuto program tonight and OMG we loves. It's super setting, so you do one set of one exercise, then immediately do another set of another exercise, no rest in between, and then rest 60 seconds after you're done with both exercises.

Here's what I did:

Bird dogs

Static lunges
One arm rows

Bench press

Calf raises

I did three sets of 15 for all except the calf raises. Man those hurt, and I was holding a FOUR POUND weight. Dude. I got me some weak calves! But overall, I am really excited. The whole thing took me 30 minutes and I felt like I really worked hard. I was bored to tears with the New Rules of Lifting for Women program, and wanted something simple but really effective. This is really easy and simple; I don't have to learn any new exercises or do the goddamn crab walk around the gym. The warmup is 4 minutes, so I'm not cursing like I did for the Female Body Breakthrough.

Also, ahem, I picked up a few pounds over the past few weeks. I wasn't taking care of myself in the two weeks before starting my job, and well, it's showing up now. My clothes are a bit tighter. Sigh. It happens, I know. I'm back on track now, thankfully and have learned something from it.