My nerves are starting to take over. I start the new job Monday. What if it's horrible? What if the people are horrible and unfriendly and I'm out of my element and I can't do it? The what-ifs are killing me.

I should be in the gym everyday, but my parents are here and I'm exhausted. I wish I could say I wasn't anxious eating. Oh well.

Speaking of eating, I'm starting Venuto's program next week. Cause I'm crazy like that. It's straight up calorie counting, but focusing on protein, fat, veg and fruit first. Then junky carbs and sugar free chocolate bars. :) Yes I still agree with Geneen Roth's book, but people, I'm 25 lbs overweight and my bodyfat needs to come down at least 13%. That ain't gonna happen without some ah, sort of plan. I'm doing that for a week, then starting his workout routines, which are 3 cardio days burning a minimum of 300 cals each time, and 3 ST workouts (designed by Alwyn Cosgrove). You know how I am, planning this stuff somehow brings me some sort of stress relief.


  1. I am so very happy and excited for you! Just think - waking up and being HAPPY to go to work. You will do great - and they will ADORE you - how could they not?

  2. Is it the burn the fat feed to muscle program? Good luck with the new job- they are lucky to have you


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