First Day Review

Let's start with the good:

  • Cannot say enough about how great it is the BART station is under my building. Arrive at 10, upstairs by 10:02. Just 2 minutes late, but we'll skip to the bad for the why. 
  • Listened to the new David Gray album on the way. I have concert tickets for September, so I only have about 2 more months to memorize the album. Gotta get crackin. Kidding! Kinda. I really like his music and it chilled me right out. 
  • Good vibe in the place. Apparently I'm on the "fun" floor (out of three floors). 
  • Sit next to four sarcastic, witty dudes. HELLO awesomeness.
  • Huge cubicle. If you're wondering why that's a good thing, hey, I figure it could be worse. 
  • Boss took me and 2 others out to lunch. Nice conversation about what everyone's growing in their gardens, foreign language retention and a little bit about my background. 
  • They have a cool Intranet (oh the irony!) where you can look up biographies, org charts, etc. for the offices. 
  • Everyone's attire is pretty all over the map, so I can wear my new clothes without feeling like an overdressed freak show. 
  • I wore my hair up and it didn't give me a headache.

The could have been better:
  • We picked the wrong route to get to the BART station: it took us nearly 30 minutes to travel 13 miles. 
  • So I missed the 9:01 train. 
  • Then I got super frazzled and went through the wrong turnstile, so when I came back out, it charged me for riding. But I got on the 9:16 train.
  • The BART is freaking LOUD. I mean, LOUD. If I didn't have my music I would definitely use earplugs. Call me a ninny, but dude, it's freaking loud.
  • I didn't have a computer until 2 p.m. So I read my new employee materials about 5 times.
  • The very worst part: the hours are 8-5. EIGHT TO FIVE. I know it sounds standard, but understand at my last gig, I was working 8-4 generally, with not a lot going on most of the day and my boss off site so who cared what time I came in/left. With the new job commute, it's an 11 hour day. Someone kill me. I don't feel like I can go in there and be all hey I don't want to take a lunch hour, I'd rather get the hell home. Right? AND, I'm the only chick working for my boss, so I don't want to be typecast into the working mom who may not be able to carry her load. So I dunno what to do. I figure my options are: 1. investigate what other working moms do (i.e. do they just have a 5 second commute or just suck it up and be ok with being away from home that long? 2. if I sniff around and see that others shift their hours, etc. I may think about asking to do the same. 3. Join the gym across the street from the office and work out during that hour. That'll cost about $80 a month. 
  • The commute was LONG. The BART made it super simple, so that's good. But given the hours, I'm going to try driving in tomorrow to see what happens. Given that I have to be in at 8, I don't think traffic will be insane at 6:45. The other option is to take the 14 minute bullet train (a few blocks from our house) which departs at 6:45 to the BART station, then take the BART which leaves just 2 minutes later to Oakland. But then my cost would be $14 for the trip. Dude. If I can park/drive for $20 a day, it might be worth it to drive.  Then again, that's $400 a month. Today's trip cost $9, but Pete had to shuttle me to and fro, which was actually fine because I got to spend more time with them. 
So in conclusion, I'm exhausted. I've showered and am heading to bed. Also: stayed on track calorie-wise, told myself I get a pass for working out until I can get the hang of the commute.

Until next time...


  1. Very interesting.

    I'm glad there were so many good things today. The commute sounds like a pain. Fred commutes an hour, but he drives. There aren't any viable public transportation options for his commute, but that would be nice.

    Of course, now his commute is only 10 minutes. Too bad he's living in Mobile. :)

    Love hearing about your new job. Keep us posted!

  2. I'm glad the job has some good things. The rest will work themselves out - they always do. But an 11 hour day is quite a lot. Maybe the lunch workout would be a good option. Keep us posted.


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