Fashion Update

Ok peeps. Got some new clothes Friday; went shopping with my friend Jennifer who happens to also be a personal shopper. I wore white shorts, high-heeled sandals and an Old Navy shirt. The shorts and shirt = 4 years old (and it was the first time I had worn them, so yay!). But the shoes, um, those are from 2002. Katie, I bought them for your rehearsal dinner. I figured they were still in style. I figured wrong, as Jennifer politely told me in the nicest way possible "I haven't seen a high-heeled sandal in a long time." Ouch. So with that, we hit the Banana Republic and Gap Outlets for some summer time essentials. I've recently taken an inventory of the clothes I have and realize that everything I really like that I LOVE to put on is higher quality, i.e. not Old Navy or Target. Hilarious that high quality to me = The Gap, I know. My tendency in the past = more clothes = better. So $5 t-shirts = what could be better?

But those $5 are actually really crappy and don't last for very long and make me feel, well cheap.

So anyway. I got some amazing shirts from Banana, long shorts from the Gap, um, 4 camis with built in bras, 2 skirts, an adorable sleeveless cardigan and some awesome sexy shoes. My previous camis have been limited to the two-pack from Sams Club (I kid you not -- SO GHETTO!), and two from NY&CO (which I considered my "nicer" ones.) I am ridiculous, I know!

I can tell you with confidence that nicer fabric = a nicer shirt. Who knew? I am feeling so adorable and cute in my new clothes, and Pete is craaaazy about my new shoes. AND I got my new bathing suit, which is so so so cute and sexy and I feel great in it.

I'm so happy I spent a little money on myself. I'm worth it; walking around in crappy quality clothes makes you feel crappy about yourself and your body. Having cute things makes me feel attractive. YAY!


  1. I went shopping this weekend too! Glad you got some new stuff. :)

  2. I love my cheap ON and Target stuff... LOL
    Well, ok, I'm not in a position to glorify my wardrobe just yet.

  3. Man, having a good friend to shop with is seriously priceless. I lost my fav shopping buddy to a move. I dread shopping now. I need someone to give it to me straight and put shit together.


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