Want to know what happens when I throw caution to the wind and have bread with my lunch, dinner, desserts, chocolate every night this week, and lots of garbagy things like pretzels, pretzel chips and tortilla chips?

A bloatsy belly, that's what. Low-carb to the rescue. I'm sure I'll be feeling slightly less puffy by Monday.

I don't have other updates, besides:
  • Ponied up the cash for Aveda hair stuff. I'm worth it, dammit. Plus I was sick of trying 500 different things. 
  • Went shopping at the outlets today and got so many lovely things at J.Crew so that I can look like an actual grown up at work. I'm beyond excited. 
  • We've had such a great time with my parents this week.
  • Although I am exhausted because we've stayed up late every night.


  1. So glad you had a great week! Yay on the Aveda stuff. You know, you probably end up spending less money on that since you aren't trying 40 things that don't work. :)

    I had great luck at the J. Crew outlet myself. Although my work clothes consist of bermuda shorts and skirts.

    Miss you!!!


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