Work Update

So as soon as I found out the news 2 weeks ago, I crafted a plan to submit like, a zillion resumes and cover letters a day. I had daydreams about how accomplished and self-satisfied I'd feel when I told people that I'd already applied for 50-60 jobs. This was based on the fact that while using, I was able to save and identify 40-50 jobs that I could do. Key word there, though. Once I realized there was no way I was going to be able to get 50 applications out the door, I decided to rank them (using their star feature, very handy) and apply for the 4-5 star jobs first. How many have I gotten out in the past three days? NINE. Which is pretty good, considering how complex it is. Rather than send a template or a form letter, I write each cover letter and custom tailor it to the job description. Then I stalk people on LinkedIn to find the person to send it to. Then I send it with my resume, and then I apply the formal way (through the website typically). In the meanwhile, I'm adding LinkedIn connections like crazy, and networking my butt off -- reaching out to people who I know who are in PR but I haven't seen in a while. Today I sent my stuff to two headhunters with a letter of introduction.

I feel like I'm making progress. Once I figured out how much more um, difficult this was going to be, I dialed back my expectations to getting three done per "day." By "day" I mean Pete and I split Lucia duty for MWF, so it's a 5 hour chunk of uninterrupted time. We pretend like the other person isn't there -- I'm not allowed to ask him where things are/can you reach this for me?, and when I'm here, his goal is to get Little Miss out of the house so she's not banging on the door and saying MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY over and over again (cause nothing is more motivating than that!).

It's working out great. We sit down the night before and go over our to-do lists and decide who's taking duty for the next few days so there's no surprises and we can plan for playdates, lunches, etc.

I'm feeling really good about things. I like the cover letters I'm sending out, and my resume looks fab, if I do say so myself. If you're interested in taking a gander, head over to my LinkedIn profile. 


  1. Sounds like you're doing a great job!!! Excellent on pretending the other is not there.

    Re: your aspirations of how much you would accomplish. I was absolutely the same way about being a SAHM. Before I had kids, I thought, "I'll stay home! The house will be clean, I'll always have groceries in the house, I'll cook dinner, etc, etc." ummm. yeah. doesn't happen. But the kids are happy!!

  2. Nancy9:55 AM

    Woot Woot !

  3. I just figured out how to leave a comment on here, but I've been silently cheering for you!
    I have to say, I'm DAMN impressed that you're even getting out three a day. And you're going about it exactly the right way. You absolutely must tailor the cover letters, I think. And it is ALL about who you know, so good job on the networking! You rock!!


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