Something Something Firm, You're Alright

So as part of my severance I get access to this global firm that helps you "transition" into uh, not having a job. Resume writing, interview coaching, tips on networking. I have no idea what to call this joint -- career counseling?

At any rate, today was my orientation, which went OK. Better than I thought it would. Everyone else had their jobs eliminated too; no one there was a loser and was fired or anything. I felt pretty ahead of the game, since my resume is in pretty good shape (OK fine, IT TOTALLY KICKS ASS) and I know how to use LinkedIn, blah blah blah.

But then I remembered that I tend to act like a total obnoxious know-it-all at these types of things, and a lot of the time, I miss out on the benefits because I'm so convinced I know everything. SO. I shut up and listened today, and it was really nice. There's a LOT of structure to how you proceed through this program, so that's good. I'm meeting with the coach tomorrow to review my resume, cover letters, etc. and then I have a 3-hour workshop every Tuesday for the next three weeks. I am excited for the feedback and have vowed to not be obnoxious but be open to learning new things. If I knew everything, I'd be doing their jobs after all. Not um, not having a job. :) They gave us three different books, the first of which has you analyze your skillset and really focus on your strengths (but also identifying your weaknesses).

Also, we've opened Team Hansen up again; it's too hard for people to remember to go back to the site. Enjoy picture of Lucia with her "baby." She's obsessed dude.

Also also, I'm starting to get a cold. I cannot make this shit up. I'm headed to bed to try to sleep it off. I stayed up too late this night and went back to bed this morning while Lucia napped. God.

Last also: I broke through my freaking weirdness about starting Phase 2 of NROL4W. I went on Saturday and had a great workout. I'm headed back tomorrow night. For now I'm focusing only on ST 3x a week.

Ok seriously, last one: I didn't buy peanut butter or low-carb chocolate at the store tonight. I could have, and tried very hard to justify it to myself, but they are my trigger foods, and I told myself no.