Don't tell anyone.

I went to the interview Monday and they called me that afternoon and told me Congratulations and when can I start. (In about 3-4 weeks) They'll have a formal offer letter to me shortly. I'm nervous about saying anything official until I have the letter in my hands, and as a result am continuing to apply for things and network. 


Yesterday I met with a crazy flighty recruiter  (unfocused and disorganized, it was kinda like meeting with a puppy minus the adorableness factor) and a government relations guy who apparently thought I was fresh out of grad school and needed entry-level career advice (he hadn't read my resume and didn't realize I was a badass). I suppose I should have been thankful for both and I will follow up with both of them. But dude, not my most fun day. $14 for less than 2 hours of parking in SF and freaking Obama (though I love thee) was in town so it took me literally 90 minutes to get home (30 miles). EFF.

In other news:
  • Just by following the 7 guidelines, I have managed to continue to lose weight. I feel fantastic and calm and balanced and great. There are many, many times I just feel like having a little nibble here or there, or maybe some crackers and cheese would be nice now? But each time I ask myself if I'm hungry, and most times the answer is no. I will say that after eating an alarming amount of goat cheese and onion crackers, chips and guacamole and other appetizers at a hilariously fun party the other night, I have not felt well. I've tried to eat whatever sounds decent, which included an english muffin with peanut butter for lunch yesterday (read: CARBS). Carb cravings, nausea, headache. Hmm, the last time I had all three of those at the same time I was pregnant. Never fear, I took a test and PHEW (freaking PHEWWWW) it was negative. I'm feeling interested in food this morning, so maybe it's passed.
  • Today I'm meeting with my landlord who has asked me to do some freelance PR work (really it's more marketing than anything), and I figured the cash I earn Pete and I can use to getaway somewhere before I start working again.
  • We are watching my brother's dog, who is so lovable and gentle, but unfortunately has different habits than our almost 14-year-old terrier mix. Like needing to walk forever before doing her biz. Or finding Lucia's time outs a perfect time to reward her with affection. (Note: time outs are actually working for the screaming. Mommy was about to lose it).


  1. Congrats on all the positive things happening-- I'll hold off on the big celebration until you get the letter but they'd be foolish not to send it

  2. Anonymous7:35 AM

    I'll second that yippe. Let us know when you get the letter so we can officially say congratulations.-karina

  3. yay yay yay!!

    crossing fingers that everything goes off without a hitch.

    (p.s. "(freaking PHEWWWW)" word to that, hahaha)

  4. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Awesome news! You must be encouraged!

    Hoping things continue going in a positive direction and a job you love soon becomes yours! You've been through a lot & deserve good things to come your way + a career where your strengths shine, are acknowledged/rewarded and appreciated! :) Kris


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