Finally decided to pick a swimsuit that was actually flattering towards my figure TODAY. Not 10 or even 20 lbs lighter. TODAY.

I saw this one, and can tell you with certainty that J.Crew suits last FOREVER. I've had my bikini for 11 years. ELEVEN.

But then I saw this one at Target and said, wow this is way cuter. Plus I think I'll be able to actually use it maybe 10 times this summer if I'm incredibly ambitious. It's on it's way, and based on the reviews, I think I'll like it! Let's hope it's not annoyingly vanity sized.


  1. Good for you for buying the swimsuit that fits your body NOW as opposed to when you are slimmer (even slimmer than I think you already are:) )

    I am starting to do that, too. I always buy clothes for the a thinner me and then walk around with ill fitting clothes and muffin tops. Last week I bought a cute pair of capris in my actual size and I bought a new bra that actually fits as well. I may not like how I feel at this weight, but at I look better in clothes that fit well.

    I have a whole closet of 2s and 4s waiting for me when I finally get my head around losing weight. By the way, I loved Geneen's book, too. It has really helped me in trying to stop my old way of thinking about who I am. I should do a post on that.

    The swimsuit you chose will look fantastic on you. You should post a photo when you get it.

    Fingers crossed on the job, too.

    PS Eat what you body needs...less carbs seems to work better for you. I am really impressed that you are so in tune with your body that you know how certain foods affect you.

  2. i bought that suit last week! the jcrew one! ha!

  3. Thanks Julie, I really think there's something to living your life NOW and not putting certain things on hold until you get down to a certain size! Geneen's book is amazing, I'm happy you liked it too! I just might post a pic of the swimsuit, provided it's not hideous. :) And thanks, I agree completely -- less carbs IS what my body needs.

    Mary, it figures! If the Target one is hideous I'll return it and may consider the J.Crew one!


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