Ok, look at this picture of me Saturday at the dog park:

Pardon the boobs. I was wearing the cami and didn't realize um, gravity would take effect while walking around. The shirt got lower and lower. Good god.

But anyway, I saw this pic and said, WOW I look great! Pete said, yep, Heather you're not fat anymore. There are a few others taken that day from other angles, etc. where I also look stellar. See?

Then I see this pic taken yesterday. Is the skirt perhaps just unflattering???? Damn. I used to love that skirt. (PS that's not Pete in the pic, that's our friend Mattias.) It's the skirt, right? I mean, god. Maybe it's the T-shirt??

Um wow. I think I'll be giving that skirt away and reassigning that shirt to the pajama drawer. DUDE. (how cute is Lucia playing with the hand-washing station?)


  1. You look fantastical in those top two pics!!! I mean, really REALLY great!!!!

    As for the skirt? Well, it makes you look like a Mormon or something. It's gotta go ;)

  2. Oh thanks Amy! Yep, I think that's it too! God forbid I look like a gasp - MORMON! :)

  3. LOL, it makes you look Mormon or something! I think it's just an unfortunate cut. Damn pictures for showing us things our mirrors don't, or what we envision in our heads. You do look great in the shorts though, so it's totally the Mormon skirt!

  4. I like the Mormon skirt! Um, and yes, I have several that look just like that, ha.

    howevs. you are also in direct middle of the day (bad) lighting in the second two pictures...nice evening light in the first strange shadows...

    Seriously though, First two pictures are awesome. Heather! You look SO GREAT!!

  5. or 1st two maybe early morning light...I can't tell...still. Bright, direct, mid-day light doesn't really make people look good.

  6. YOu look great. I also notice how Lucia is half your height - almost.

    IMHO - I think it's the skirt length. I bet it would look with heels or wedges. So don't ditch it - just add higher shoes.

    The tee shirt might need to be worn under things or put in the jammy drawer. But it might look different with jeans.


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