I'm Back

I went to work out tonight and it felt GREAT. Before I got sick I was just about to start Phase 2 of the New Rules of Lifting for Women. And while I could have started it tonight, I was a little sheepish about it, and decided to do my Phase 1 A workout tonight, Phase 1 B workout Thursday, and start Phase 2 on Saturday. I lifted only about half the weight I was using 3 weeks ago, and kept the reps to 10 and the sets to 2. I warmed up, stretched and drank my protein shake.

IT FELT GREAT. Really great. (Even though my leg gave out on the step ups and I totally fell on my ass). Losing my job has been a bit of um, an identity shift, so coming back to something I KNOW to be ME and true and constant felt tremendously comforting. I can't wait to go back on Thursday. Tomorrow I'm taking Lucia for a long walk through a nice part of our neighborhood I recently discovered. Hello tree-lined streets and old mansions.