Help. Tell me what to do!

The issue: Despite not weighing and not really caring what I'm weighing, I've been letting more carbs creep in, and as a result am not feeling that great. There are many benefits to the low-carb lifestyle, and the most attractive for me is the physical energy thing. I feel cleaner and like a fine-tuned machine when I'm eating low-carb. When I'm not, I feel like I have a bunch of junk fuel in my system. It's not about weight loss per se, it's about feeling really lean and clean.

Today's ice cream sandwich, specifically an It's It Sandwich, sent my blood sugar through the roof. I know this because I felt really strange and dizzy -- the same thing happened the last time I had ice cream.

The WTF part: So why don't I just eat low-carb? Because the damn Geneen Roth book, which I truly cannot say enough good things about, is making me think that sticking to any eating plan is too restrictive. It may be for some people. I do like the not thinking about food, and I'm concerned if I switch to low-carbing it, I'll become consumed with what I'm eating next. But I kinda doubt it, since eating low-carb pretty much zaps my appetite.

We have a wedding to go to in August and I need to shed just a bit more to get into the dress. You remember the one, right? That's right, I can get into it, but I can't quite zip it. It's a size 4. (WOOOOOT)

Ok, I've figured this out just by writing this. Dear Heather: Go back to the low-carb. Stop overthinking it and especially stop thinking that the Geneen Roth guideline of eating what your body wants means goddamn It's It bars. Just go back to Atkins, you will feel awesome, you know it!

Oh, one more thing: I went to a Baby Momma bootcamp yesterday with my new friend Lauren (WE LOVES) and I actually really enjoyed it -- lots of bodyweight stuff. Of course I acted totally obnoxious and showed off and now can barely move. I'll never learn. I laughed with the ladies and told them I put the O in obnoxious.

AND: job background search is progressing; they called my former boss (the nice one) Friday to verify employment and salary. Say a prayer this comes through. I'm looking for new jobs tonight just in case.


  1. I havent read the new book but know about intuitive eating- I am thinking what intuitive eaters would say is that feeling bad after eating these things is your body saying to eat them less. They would argue strenously against going back on Atkins but would say listen to your body and eat what it needs- so you'd still end up eating less carbs but for different reasons

  2. Thanks Jen! I think you're absolutely right. I worked in a few strawberries today (technically an Atkins no-no for the first 2 weeks). I am going to focus on protein and veggies in the next few days and reassess. :)


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