Good Lord

and I mean that in a good way. Please lord, be with me over the next 72 hours.

I fly out at 11:30 p.m. tomorrow (Tuesday), arrive at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, head to the hotel to sleep, then wake up, get ready and walk to the office. The big meeting starts at 12 noon , ends with dinner that night, where everyone gets HAMMERED and I feel uncomfortable the whole time, and then 8-12 Thursday, and my flight takes off at 2:30 that afternoon.

Warning: the next paragraph gets a little tedious. Bear with me.

The wardrobe situation was ok, then not so ok, then it recovered to pretty good. The skirt, very similar to this one except it has the flounce only in the back, has been taken out, and is wearable, though it rides up when I walk. Yikes. Looks like I'll try not to walk around that day. Gulp. I was really torn over what to do with the pants; I have a pair of 12s that are falling off me and I can't quite get into my nicey nicey pants. I figured I would go to TJ Maxx since -- HOT TIP! -- they always have black or gray pants from the Limited or Express for $15. I picked out a pair, tried them on, thought they were good enough, then found a gray pair in the same cut (The Cassidy fit), and bought those instead. Of course OF COURSE they don't fit when I get them home. MF.

(BTW, I got a cute pair of high wedge shoes with bows on the top of the toe). I didn't have any black professional shoes either -- my feet changed when I had the baby)

So off to Target I go, for a pair of black pants. But voila, instead I found this! How cute, right? Put a suit jacket over it, and insta-professional. Wear it with my hair up, change earrings and remove jacket for dinner. Ta-da!! For Thursday, I'm going to wear the riding up skirt, same jacket, and this top (hello $12.99). It hits lower on the hip, so I can cover up the fact I can't zip my skirt all the way. The color on that link is all wrong; the actual color is more of a kelly.

So yeah, that brings me to the point of this post: friends, I am here to tell you that those Levi's, the ones that I have in a size 6, are GROSSLY vanity sized. My size in pants at Target/TJ Maxx tonight: 10. TEN. I got pretty discouraged. Honestly, I felt like gorging myself on chocolate covered pretzels. What is with that, btw? I suspect it's a cognitive dissonance thing: I feel fat, so I will choose to act like I am fat. But Pete reminded me that the weight has basically fallen off me in the past 2 mos, and I'm making an insane amount of progress. I realized he was right. No pretzels were had. Tomorrow's my weigh in day; I didn't have the best week, but I'm vowing to do GREAT this week, and work to get into my lying size 6s. Smaller is smaller, no matter how you slice it.



    First. Good luck this week! You'll do great. :)

    Second. Sorry about the pants. Isn't that always the way? I never understand how the same pants in different colors can fit so differently. Grrrr.

    Third. Whoohooo on the shoes. They sound really cute, and the dress with the jacket is awesome.

    Last. How much do I love your last paragraph? A lot, that's how much. "Smaller is smaller, no matter how you slice it." Hell yes. I'm so glad you didn't let some number in a pair of pants negate all the hard work you've done and the progress you've made. Keep it up, chica! You are a bad ass.

  2. Good luck on your trip! Make it fun and something to learn from. You can always use your phone to capture some nice pictures of everyone getting hammered, and share them later at a picnic or something! (Mildly kidding). Did you secure an early check-in at the hotel? That's always my fear of red-eyes, that they won't let me check in before 3/4pm.

  3. First of all - you rock! Good luck with the conference. I am sure you are here in Charlotte but with your schedule - no chance for me to even see you!!!

    Secondly - sorry to hear about the pants - that just sucks no matter how you put it - nice you found the shoes though.

    And as far as the sizes, I totally listen to Stacey London from What Not to Wear - stop looking at the sizes because designers do weird things to them - wear what looks great on you and not what the tag says - no idea why the Target/TJ Max size was so off but girl from your recent pics - you look amazing. Keep up the good work and you will absolutely get to where you want to be. I am SO proud of you!!!!!!

  4. Love, love the dress. So sorry I'm going to miss you. xoxo

  5. You're going to kill out there! I always feel very awkward at my work/social/drinking things. I almost always chicken out and stay back. This week I'm glad I went to one (remind me to tell all my exciting Bakersfield tales soon). Pete is right, you're doing so awesome dropping all that weight over the last 2 months. Good luck on your trip.

    Also - I almost just bought the same Target dress in gray. Tell me if you like it after you've worn it! I may have to go back.


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