All Signs Pointing To...

It really, really REALLY freaks me out when the universe starts pointing in the same direction. Yet it's somehow comforting.

Sign 1: job change.

I'd been bored doing PR, and questioning whether it suited my personality anymore, for some time. There was something about the distortion of truth that started to make me feel well, silly. Here I've been really working hard on discovering these truths about myself and my life, all the while spinning half-truths for the news media. With my new job, I get to be more creative. I get to use my writing skills and finely tuned Ruh-Roh Meter to make decisions and create strategies to communicate more effectively. Basically, to dig at the core of the truth and cut away the clutter to be able to see what's real.

Sign 2: job change 2.

As you know, we've been thinking about moving to Charlotte since we had the baby and more so since Pete lost his job. My new boss is in Charlotte, and the whole team is right about the same life-stage: 1 person has a 2-year-old, 1 person is pregnant with her first, 1 person's wife is pregnant, etc. etc. It's a small team. I've been looking for more of a mentoring role from a strong woman leader. New boss is a chick.

Sign 3: Simplicity
Did you see Oprah yesterday? It was all about living a simpler life, and it was good. Part of the appeal of that particular episode was the experiments they ran on 2 families. They took a pledge to cut spending, cut out computer and TV time, etc. etc. What did they find? They were happier. I read this story a few months ago and couldn't get it out of my head. I'm also finding that an hour spent on Facebook vs. an hour spent quietly reading, going for a walk, or just talking on the phone to a friend makes me overall much happier.

Honestly, simplicity and making over my life is part of what lured me to San Francisco in the first place. I was friends with a couple in Maryland and loved how they lived their life. Simply. Treasuring small things. They didn't have a huge house or fancy cars or giant televisions. They have European roots, and I suspect it's partially what attracted me to Pete: simplicity. Pete is Mr. WYSIWYG. It's wonderfully refreshing (and sometimes frustrating).

When I came back from Detroit last year, I made a list of things I wanted my life to have. The list included things like Less TV, More New Recipes, More Walks. I found out the next day I was pregnant with Lucia.

As I've struggled to put together this vision board, I keep coming back to the phrase simplicity. I'm not sure what it means yet or how it pertains to weight loss, but it's funny that it's been so much on my mind, and then Oprah has her show and I'm seeing signs of how to simplify my life all over the place.

I'm hopeful and excited for how things are gonna turn out.


  1. I loved this post. Really great. Really inspiring. =)

  2. Very interesting! Makes me think.

    I wish I had seen Oprah yesterday.

    I gave up TV during the day two years ago for Lent. (We would watch after the kids went to bed.) I loved it so much that we have never gone back. (With the exception that the kids get to watch two cartoons in the morning and one while I cook dinner. But they are Tivo'ed, so there isn't any forgetting to turn the TV off.) Maybe I should do the same with the computer. It is such a time suck.


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