Thursday Thoughts

in convenient bullet form! 

  • Still trucking along on the Beck Diet Success Skills. Remember, eager readers, I have a separate blog to detail the minutiae of this, and only if you ask, I will give you the URL. I'm trying to create an air of mystery about it, can you tell? The greatest thing about this book and these skills is the feeling of being in control. I feel totally calm and confident about my ability to lose weight. I really do. 
  • Got in two workouts this week so far. I'm a total badass, thankyouverymuch. Special thanks to Kate, Kammy, Amy and Becky for making me go. 
  • Working from home = 75x harder than working in the office. Because I want to be with her. And cannot. 
  • If you've got sleep schedule/routine advice for babies, BRING IT. Seriously. Tell me your recommendations. I realize there's a fair amount of stuff out there -- we have books by Sears, Brazelton, Leach and the Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child book, and we're confused as to where to start or what's the right way to do this. Getting the extra sleep in Delaware has now spoiled us, and we're wondering wtf -- why is she waking up every 4 hours again? Tell me your thoughts, philosophies, etc. Even if the answer is Don't Use a Method, tell me that. GO.
  • I'm purging the bathroom of unnecessary beauty products today. Goodbye half-used hair gel and crazy-texture "breast health" lotion (like water, wtf??). Hello newfound cabinet space and a sense of sanity in the bathroom. 


  1. I would love to comment on all your points, but it has been one hell of a day, and my brain is fried.

    Fred and I swear by the Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. It made a huge difference with Kent, and we used it with Kara from the get go, and she has always been a good sleeper.

    Good luck!

  2. We pretty much followed Healthy Sleep Habits (the Weisbluth book) and found sucess with it. We felt like we were starting a bit late but the kids did better once on a schedule.

    It was tough for me at first but now we are so glad we did it. The naps can be hit or miss these days but they are great night time sleepers!
    Good luck with whatever you decide to do. Getting sleep yourselves can make all the difference in the world!

  3. Er that comment was from me, Jill! I don't know what happened to the J at the end of my post?

  4. 1. OK, I'm intrigued. Please send me the beck book link.
    2. Congrats on your workout!
    3. Re. sleep. So you know Lucia can go 8 hrs. How many times did she do it? Caroline did once a couple months before she started doing it regularly, but if Lucia did it a few times, that should mean she's ready for that routine. I liked some things in Healthy Sleep Habits, BUT it suggests putting your baby to bed at some crazy early hour like 5 pm, which I'm sure you wouldn't want to do, and we never did, and Caroline is a good sleeper. She sleeps about 12 hrs, but didn't start doing so until 10 months old (sorry). But for several (4 or 5) months before that she slept 7:30 - 10 or 11, had a bottle, then through until 7:00 am). One thing I have read and think is impt is to put baby to sleep before she is very/overtired. Yawning is generally a good sign, and increasing crankiness (you and Pete will know her temperament/moods best). I strongly, strongly encourage you to try letting her cry it out when she wakes at the four hr. mark OR even better, at the second four hr. mark (i.e. 3 am if she goes to bed at 7:00 - give her a bottle at 11:00; 5:00 if she goes to bed at 9:00, etc.) Usually after three days of CIO (painful but worth it!!) she will not cry anymore. Also try giving her the pacifier instead of the bottle, or a bottle of water instead of formula. Good definitely need your sleep when working and Pete will love the 8 hr. stretch too!

  5. One more thing, I never really noticed a negative effect from some variation in nap schedule. Caroline's baseline for a while was 1.5 hrs. asleep, 1.5 hrs. awake. She was never much of a cat napper (which I appreciated). But I gauged more by her signals than the clock.

  6. Hi Heather!
    I'm curious about this Beck book you speak of. Please send me the link too.

    On the sleeping...WAY back 11 & 9 years ago I didn't read any books on anything (except...what to expect when your expecting & the the one for the first year of babes life---forgot the exact name)

    For my first I didn't BF so it was formula from the start. He slept through the night right from the 6 hour stretches (I consider that all night for a newborn. :P)

    I know for my 2nd son he was BF and didn't stay full as long. So he was up every 2 hours. BIG shocker for this momma. :P
    I BF exclusively for 4.5 months then I started giving him rice cereal in the evening before bed. He slept thru the night from then on. :)

    I will throw this disclaimer in...
    I feel extremely lucky, I have NEVER had to fight my boys to go to bed at night. (You see the horror stories on Super Nanny) And to this day they sleep 11 hours every night. (During the school week) They have tried to stay up later but they say they are too tired the next morning. :) I say fine...8 pm it is. :) short (kinda late for that, huh?) Adding cereal to their night feeding is how we did it in the olden days. :P

  7. I also kept their room dark & cool.

  8. Ok folks, we're gonna re-read the Healthy Sleep Habits book (I've read portions but not the whole thing, and Pete has only read one chapter).

    The Beck diet stuff:


    Thanks everyone for your advice -- I will post more when we have results (please god let them be successful!).

  9. We're fans of the Healthy Sleep Habits book. My kids are pretty good sleepers.

    That said, they went through a lot of sleeping through the night THEN NOT sleeping through the night and back again...especially before 6 months. There's all sorts of growth spurts going on. So even you get it "figured out" -expect bumps.

  10. OK, now I feel doubly bad about skipping MY workout today. So off I go to sleep so I can run -- er, walk? -- tomorrow morning.


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