I'll make this quick

Got to go to bed. But here are the updates.

  1. FB is the greatest. I found a few new friends that I have really missed. Fences are mended (not with that crazy chick though!).
  2. Weight = down. Freaking YES people. It's about time.
  3. Pizza party = huge success. Great fun was had.
  4. New hair products = huge success. Pete hates the smell. Oh well.
  5. Baby = god this kid just keeps getting cuter. I'm so smitten with her.
I'm tired. Did you know I'm writing this blog, the Team Hansen, beck diet dailies and my blog for lucia? Good lord. I'm tired people.


  1. i just did a review for the beck diet book...i need to check out your beck blog!

    and I agree, all this blogging is exhausting, isn't it? :)


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