Today's a New Day!

And tomorrow is a new week on WW. I was in a fairly despondent state last night after watching Red Carpet Ready TV -- a quasi "program" online where two real women follow the Red Carpet Ready program. It got me down because 1. I walked around the hospital yesterday for various appointments and one very very fast walk into Whole Foods to get sandwiches, and I am sore today in the abs and back and was so wiped out after we got home yesterday I needed a two-hour nap. It feels like I'm never going to be able to get back in shape. 2. I made crappy food choices this week. You know, a sandwich on ciabatta bread instead of whole grain (FOUR points difference dammit). Then I couldn't figure out why I was starving at 10 p.m. and didn't have any points left for the day. Duh.

I told Pete I was really sad I wasn't losing weight. But it's not like it's an accident. I wasn't being honest with myself. Crappy food choices = crappy weight loss results. My body doesn't respond well to carbs, and since I was (key word there people!) off dairy, coffee and chocolate, my inner rebeller decided that I would have empty carbs like cookies and big fluffy white bread because dammit, I would not be restricted further.

Except it's obviously backfired. So Today is a New Day. I am drinking coffee, praise God -- no seriously I said a little prayer thanking God last night. I also was able to list the things that DID go well this week. Like Pete and I made it ON TIME or EARLY to TWO doctor's appointments yesterday with adequate bottles, diapers, clothes, blankets and I pumped milk in the car so I didn't miss a pumping. Another good thing: the pediatrician gave me clearance to work dairy, the aforementioned coffee and chocolate back into my diet. AND: I made smart choices last evening -- Pete had pizza and I made myself salmon, polenta and steamed green beans. It was really tasty, and filling.

So back to my point: Today is a New Day. I am making smarter, balanced choices today and Carb Festival 2008 has ended. Also: I'm going to take Lucia for a walk today. I can't go far, but I've got to get past this all-or-nothing mentality that unless it's a balls-to-the-wall treadmill workout, it doesn't count as fitness. What counts is making the time to go for a walk -- something I need to get into the habit of doing again because I'm starting my running/walking program in 4 weeks.

PS I just took this picture above! Jealous of my stunning bathrobe? It can be yours too! I'm tempted to go back and buy another one, it's the perfect weight. I love that the color on the website is Rendezvous Red, cause I'm having SUCH rendezvous over here. BTW I didn't know how that word was pronounced until I was at least 20 -- I'm not kidding. I thought it was Ren-DEZ-VUSS. :)


  1. Me too. :( I see that wagon driving away without me and think, "meh. Diets...isn't that what January is for?

    BTW, thanks for your sweet post on Thanksgiving. I am grateful for your friendship, too.

  2. I know exactly how you feel. I am so sad that I am not actually staying on plan to lose weight. The greatest gift I could give myself is to lose this extra weight. And yet, I don't commit. It's stupid and annoying.

    Yippee on the coffee.

    Keep it will get the weight off and feel great!

  3. Just want to remind you (as I do every week) that I had not even begun to exercise at this time postpartum. You can still get in shape later. I promise. So don't get discouraged... your body is still healing. I was 5 months post before I was ready.

    And LOL on the making it to appointments on time. I have to drive separately if I want that to happen ;)


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