Thursday Update!

It's so, so strange being on maternity leave, cause I literally don't know what day it is -- they don't have much significance anymore on my mood. Ordinarily I'd be excited its Thursday and instead it's like, Oh it's Thursday.

Anyway. Shello. Here's what's going on:

I've been weighing every day this week after reading this post on Roni's blog. Veddy interesting and I think very handy in learning how my body responds to different foods. I'm down another 0.2 lbs today -- total, total motivation. I shoulda listened to Robin earlier -- hanging your hopes dreams and fears of weight loss on one freaking weigh in a week can be dangerous. Because if for some reason it spikes next week upward, I'll know it's just a freak thing and I won't dissolve into the spiral of despair.

Went to the office yesterday. Saw the fabulous Amy, who looks amazing. Her son is five weeks older than Little Miss, and we seem to have the most in common in terms of getting the hang of this among the new moms at work. It was great to see everyone. I got a LOT of unsolicited advice (predictable), but oh well. Aside from gushing all over the baby, everyone all said that I look great. I tried really hard to not make self-deprecating comments in return. :)

Trying to work dairy back into my diet is um, interesting. I'm having some GI issues, which I'm POSITIVE you don't want to know about. But just having the option of having cheese or milk or cream -- even if I don't -- seems liberating to me. Plus I don't have to dump my milk if I have some, as I did after Thanksgiving.

We're going to THREE Whole Foods today to return those damn leaky diapers (as we have EIGHT packages of them). I'm hoping they'll let us take them back for store credit. I was gonna wear the sling, but I'm feeling pretty sore today; it seems directly correlated to how much sleep I got and after having a Coke Zero at 9 p.m. last night, I couldn't sleep until 3, and was back up at 7:30 to pump. I won't make that mistake again!

Breastfeeding = I'm gonna make it. My plan is to make it to three months, then six months, then reevaluate. Operation Hydration, Robin's suggestion for detoxing, has increased my milk production! And Lucia is eating a little less these days, so I'm closer to giving her 100% breastmilk. Woo-woo!


  1. Great news - keep up the good work!

  2. I sound like some kind of weight loss guru. LOL

    Great job!

  3. Thanks Colleen! Knowing that I CAN quit has been actually nice. Mentally I'm in a better state by knowing this is a choice I'm making.

    Robin, but you have SUCH good tips!

  4. yay for the rehydration! Sounds like it's tres effective on lots of fronts.

    And that's funny about the days affecting your mood. I used to hate Mondays-now I love them. Back to structure, back to routine!

    And that's great you're feeling better about breastfeeding. :)

  5. So this is like two weeks of trying to return the diapers, right?
    Ha ha! I know how it is...
    And the days still mean nothing to me now. I get excited when I'm off for the weekends, but when you're trying to instill a schedule/routine, there is no differentiating the days! Bath time is still at 8 regardless!

  6. KatieO -- it's good to have some perspective on the breastfeeding. I'm glad I'm feeling better too.

    Amy -- we returned three packages to the Los Altos location and got a $45 gift card in return. Dude. Those things are $15 a pack, and we have 6 more to return! I'm going to the Palo Alto and Cupertino locations tomorrow.

  7. Score! Good luck with the rest then!


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