New Food Finds

I'm fighting a cold. I'm rescheduling taking my car to the body shop for the September whoopsie. I'm getting a real massage at 10, cause the place on Tuesday was shady central and I walked out. I got a new cell phone yesterday and cannot figure out how to download the theme from Green Acres as my ringtone, cause clearly that's the best ringtone song ever.

So instead folks, I am writing about recent food finds.

Typically I rave about just about everything at Trader Joe's. Today I'm going to tell you about two things from Whole Foods. Yes, Whole Paycheck Foods. With the credit for the diapers I've been able to browse the selection a bit more without my eyes falling out of my head from the crazy prices. Actually their prices aren't that bad on some things. It's that freaking hot food bar that gets you.

Anyway, I digress.

Food find #1 Larabars. Longtime readers of this blog recall that I found these circa 2006. These are a GREAT way to hamper a cookie craving. I keep trying new flavors and loving. Peanut butter cookie (Colleen!! You must try!) and Lemon Bar (Mrs F!) are my favorites, followed by Cashew Cookie. Ginger snaps have been on my brain lately, and since disastrously bad things happen when I purchase the Trader Joe's giant container of ginger snaps, I just get the Larabar in the Ginger Snap flavor. Why not eat a real cookie? Larabars have no chemicals, flour, butter and no sugar added. They're whole foods, like dates, almonds, etc. The Pecan Pie flavor's only ingredients are dates and pecans. They're about $1.70 out here but with the nuts, they really tide you over and are a great snacky. Calorie ranges = 180-220.

Food find #2. Look I LOVE salads. Love love love them. Hate hate hate making them. I don't know why. So I bought a GIANT container of organic greens, and headed to the salad dressing aisle. I picked out Whole Foods Organic Herbes de Provence dressing (la-ti-da, I know!), and put a little over the greens yesterday with grilled chicken and tomatoes. Ordinarily I'd consider that typical "diet food" and wouldn't have been satisfied. But people, this salad dressing has all sorts of crazy flavor and made my 150-calorie salad DELISH! And it only added 35 calories (portion controlled -- it's not light -- I'm not a believer in light foods). I'm thinking this dressing would be a fantastic marinade for flank steak or chicken or maybe brushed over salmon. Hmmm. The possibilities are endless.


  1. I love Larabars. The cashew cookie is my fav. Unfortunately, the Whole Foods near me is farther than I am willing to go for groceries. (probably just as well.)

  2. That dressing sounds awesome -- I don't believe in light salad dressing either. I'll have to check it out next time I'm in a WF's.

  3. On your recommendation I went to Trader Joe's yesterday on the off-chance they had these magical Larabars and they do! I paid $1.29 each and I got a few different flavors. I normally would have eaten one by now but the candy cane Jo-Jos have taken over my world presently.....

  4. You know if you buy a whole case you'll get a 10% discount... right? That's how I buy my kashi bars (which they sell for only 99 cents!!).


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