Just One Week, Part 2

Ok people. I know that the holidays are coming up. I know that we'll have plenty of time to gorge ourselves on cookies and what-not. But let's try Just One Week to stay on plan. Come on. We can do this.

For just one week, I am going to focus on getting in lots of fruits and vegetables. My new breastfeeding book says I should aim to eat one serving of each at every meal. I'm trying to swap out the excess carbs for fruits. I realized yesterday that I've been having way too many servings, even if they are healthy. I'm going to eat a little more at breakfast so I don't snack all freaking day. I'm going to try to not eat Larabars every day. I'm going to try to have only one serving of nuts a day. I'm going to try to eat more eggs this week, as the breastfeeding book tells me they've got vitamins and nutrients galore and are a quick and easy source of protein.

So today starts a new week. I'm still going to count points, as I think WW has a great program (they just changed it, in case you didn't know) and I'm positive if I make some small changes, I will see a difference.

Fitness goals this week: Three 20-minute walks.


  1. Your fitness goal is very do-able.

    Yikes, WW has changed its program. Is it very different? I have not been to a meeting a months.

    I am with you on the Just One week. For this week, I will make sure I am getting 10 glasses of water a day in and get in 3 20 minute walks in as well.

    I won't say anything about the eating because I will do the best I can, but focus on those 2 things above.

  2. Yay Julie!

    Ok, so instead of the Core and Flex plan, they have this thing called Momentum. Basically it focuses on teaching you how to eat what they call Filling Foods, which is just about everything on the Core foods list. You focus on eating those rather than 18 points worth of Skinny Cows, which is the thing that's always driven me crazy about WW -- people trying to figure out how many points in a Big Mac or eating garbage all freaking day, while a skinny cow has the same points as chicken breast. Not fair. Anyway, former Core people I think have to watch portions (though I'm not positive).

    I still get freaking 33 points a day for breastfeeding -- can you believe that? It's a LOT.

  3. Good for you!! The new plan sounds interesting. Basicallly the way I did the Flex plan. I may have to check it out...in January. My motivation has succumbed to the siren song of the holidays. I think I may just try to maintain until January.

    Maybe I will join Julie in making lots of water and moderate exercise my goal.


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