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Get it? Udder? Almost done with weaning, which is great for many reasons, but mostly because it's been well, hormonal. I felt nauseous for several days and was not interested in eating much of anything. This was most unfortunate on Christmas night, as we had filet mignon and I literally had two bites. I felt this way right after I had the baby; uninterested in food. But I suspect we're at the tail end of breastfeeding; today I pumped for 13 minutes and nada milk came out. None. I'm feeling really good about my decision and hugely relieved about the whole thing.

My MIL has been in town as you may know, and um, I may smuggle her into my suitcase when we leave. Every morning she takes the baby and I go back to bed, which is um, heavenly. Pete is going to blog about it on Team Hansen, but Little Miss is sleeping anywhere from 6 to um, 11 hours a night. Yes I said 11. We thought she was dead for sure, but turns out she just likes my parents house I guess. We're in the basement, which is about 55 degrees and has teeny windows, so it's like sleeping in a cave. So it could be that which is helping her stay asleep. Or it could be the switch to all formula. Or it could be that we're feeding her a lot more before we put her down. At any rate, I am loving getting some sleep (who doesn't, really?). My mom has of course been great too, and she's been very very generous in letting the MIL hold the baby a lot.

Operation Hot Mama update: still debating how to approach fitness. I feel like I've got a pretty good plan: 4 days cardio next week, then 2 days ST, 3 days cardio the following week and keep at that for a while. Starting WW again on Sunday. We get home Friday night and I'm going to the store to get healthy food and I'm going to work out Saturday or Sunday -- I'm taking it easy though, like 30 minutes of walking on the treadmill. I have the Beck diet book and I'm going to work on that this weekend, and based on Skwigg's review, I think I might get this book too. I feel like I've got the basics of how to lose weight -- nutrition and working out, but it's the HEAD stuff that always trips me up. Looks like this book and the Beck book could be critical.


  1. Thanks for the update! I meant to ask you in my email this morning, but forgot. :( I'm glad it is going well and that you are at peace with your decision.

    How do you like the new WW plan? Do you think it is better than the flex and core plans? I debating signing up.

  2. You sound so much peppier, Heather. I'm happy for you and your decision. You'll be a happier mom, and let's face it, that's the most important thing!!!!

  3. I remember the feeling you're describing! I breastfed almost exclusively while I was on maternity leave for 12 weeks, but pumping at work was nearly impossible to keep up with their needs the next day.

    I felt like it was a race that I was always losing. And I just HATED pumping. You're a champion for doing it this long.

    Anyway, for me, weaning was one of the ways my body truly began to feel like it was mine again. (Which I think you are pretty ready for!) I'm glad you're so happy about the decision.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Can Lucia come over and give Baby some freaking sleeping hints?!!

    No pressure... but since I'm sidelined I'll be dieting and exercising vicariously through you. You can do it!

  5. I would love it if my boys would sleep that long now at ages 7 and 8!! That is fan-fucking-tastic.

    That is so great that your MIL is spending that time with Lucia. So sweet. I bet both your mom and MIL are absolutely loving being with their beautiful little grandbaby:)

    I am starting WW on Monday as well. For real.


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