I don't get it

If Oprah wants to be a smaller size, what's wrong with that? all the blogs are on fire about how it's so awful that she's just not accepting her size, but if her size is overweight, what's wrong with trying to lose that and more than that -- what's wrong with summoning heaps of courage to come forward to um, the world and admit that she has slipped up? Sure it sells magazines. But it's the truth.

I don't understand the mentality of people saying she should just accept that she's never going to be thin. How defeatist is that? She obviously has some emotional issues surrounding the whole thing -- something yours truly struggles with as well. What's wrong with wanting to be thin? I don't get it.

With the obesity rates in this country, I think giving up on the idea of being thin is so depressing. Anyone can be thin if they want it badly enough. I'm not saying her thyroid isn't an issue for sure, just like breastfeeding/diabetes have hampered me. But to give up on something that you really want just makes me sad for her. Don't give up Oprah. Get back on that horse. You've done it before, do it again!!


  1. Well, being thin is not the same thing as being at a healthy weight. Since I have struggled with this for ages, I can tell you that I was unhappy with my weight when I was at a great one and when I wasn't. Oprah is the visible face of the most powerful woman being incapable of achieving a body image she desires. Some of this may be because even when she is perfect, she needs to sabotage herself to stop the realization that this is an outward way of directing her control issues? Just guessing. That and because the media are a bunch of sexist asses?

  2. I didn't realize there was a backlash about her wanting to lose weight. I guess that's what I get for living under a rock.

    That is ridiculous. She should be free to be thin or fat, whichever she is more comfortable with. It's her body and her life. I could really go off about this as I have a lot of opinions, but it is early, and it is your blog. ;)

  3. Hi Heather - Just wanted to say I was so happy to discover today that your blog is open to the "public" again!

  4. I was unaware there was a controversy over this as well. But, IMHO, who cares! Does she really need more publicity? How many times do we all need to see her go up and down? For the amount of money she has and makes, she can't stick with one of her professional chefs and trainers? I mean, seriously, this is news? Sorry...I guess I don't get it either!

  5. Why should be happy with her weight? If it isn't where she wants to be, she should go for it to be healthy. I also have hypothyroidism and it is a bitch, but you can lose weight if you are vigilant.

  6. I think the uproar is from this idea that if you want to lose weight, everyone automatically assumes you aren't happy with yourself. Which, in many cases (and Oprah's) is probably true- to a degree. But that does not negate all of her accomplishments, everything she's done in her life - or her status as one of the most powerful women out there. Just because she want's to lose weight...again, doesn't mean she hates herself or her body. From what I've read, it sounds like this time around, her weight went up from her life being totally out of balance + the thyroid problem. I don't see what's wrong with wanting to feel better about self and regaining that balance... if that means losing weight, I wish her the best. (PLUS. it's not like Oprah was ever scary thin. At her lowest, wasn't she around 160? )

    I think it makes her human.


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