Today's Goals

  1. Take my parents to Costco and try very hard not to get annoyed. Costco annoys me like noneother.
  2. Walk for 30 minutes on the treadmill.
  3. Wash out new pots and pans I got early from Santa Claus. We asked my parents for the set we had registered for, and my mom and I found it at HomeGoods for significantly cheaper. This way we didn't have to worry about trekking it back from the East Coast. Score.

Is it funny that I want to put things on this list like SHOWER. BRUSH TEETH. ENJOY HUSBAND'S COMPANY ??

Cause it seems like I forget to do those things some days. Still.

Other nuggets today:

Thanks again for you BF comments. Greatly appreciated. I'm thinking about it and processing and will OF COURSE let you know what I decide. I'm leaning towards trying to make it to three months, then reevaluating.

Watched the Sex and the City movie last night. I liked it.

Worked out for 30 minutes on the treadmill last night (most of it while bitching to talking to Mary). My abs are sore today, but it felt really, really good to work out.

Was seen by the bitchy nurse again yesterday at the Wound Care clinic. I filed a complaint and told them I didn't want to see her again. This is hard enough lady, your argumentative bitchiness = totally not necessary. (on the upside, everything is finally healing fine). Phew.

That's all I got peeps. Getting ready for Thanksgiving. My neighbor is a fancy chef and he's cooking the turkey, so we're doing everything else. Hooray!


  1. Costco = hell on earth.
    I had a boyfriend who could not deal with Costco and reacted so poorly that it was the actual moment I realized I had to dump him.

    Check out runners lounge today:

  2. Do you have a treadmill at home? What kind - do you like/recommend? We want to get one...Thanks!

  3. At least it's not Costco on Saturday!
    However - we swear by the Kirkland fair trade House Blend coffee. Actually, I can't tell you how many Kirkland products are staples in our house :)

    I love that you're going to refuse the horrible nurse. There's no reason for any person to act like an a** at their job (especially if you're a nurse).

  4. Yahoo on the exercise! I love new pots and pans. :)

    I still go days without a shower, then I'll realize, crap! it's been a while, maybe I better go take a shower. I never forget to brush my teeth though.

    Good for you for getting rid of the bitchy nurse. Like you need that. And I'm so glad it is finally healing.

  5. Okay, I don't know P.O.M. but I think it's hysterical you dumped a boyfriend over Coscto. I mean, it does suck, but it's a necessary evil, no doubt!
    And, I want new pots and pans! Jealous!

  6. I despise Costco on a saturday. Despise!!!


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