News o Da Day

  • Wound is healing! That's the word anyway from the saucy nurse today.
  • I went to my postpartum check up -- all is well. She said that my priority needs to be making milk, sleeping and healing the wound. Weight loss = secondary, but eat healthy if I want and if it makes me feel good. You know it does! I'm allowed to do walks every other day, but 10-15 minutes only. I'll take it!
  • Next door neighbor chef is coming for Thanksgiving and he's cooking the turkey or possibly a Turducken. Fun! My parents are helping me cook the rest. Phew.
  • We put Little Miss in her big girl stroller seat today and it made me sad on some strange level. While we can still use the bassinet, the fact she can be in the big girl seat makes me sentimental and weepy. Is that wrong?
  • We're making our first trip to San Francisco tomorrow, to see our friend Jeffrey for lunch. Fun fun fun. Pete's coming with and seeing a friend of his separately, and we'll be able to drive up and back together. I'm too nervous to do it on my own just yet. No idea what I'm wearing...
  • I dare you to watch the video on Team Hansen and not smile. Double-dog dare ya!


  1. I hear you on the storller thingie. I had to take out the newborn inserts on the swing as well as the car seat. It's very sad that they are so big already, yet still so little!

  2. Dude, on getting emotional - I'm there. When my son turned 9 a month ago, I felt nostalgic because it was his last single digit birthday.

    As far as diet(WW) - What if you step back, and just concentrate on one good health guideline per week, until things at home calm down a bit - starting with, say, taking your vitamin. When you get to the point where the vitamin is automatic, switch to the next guideline. By the time you're ready to start an active weight loss program, you'll already be on your way.

  3. Amy it IS sad. I felt like a freak for feeling it was sad -- so thanks.

    P/F -- excellent suggestion. Today was NOT a good eating day, we splurged cause we were in the city. Cupcakes, pesto mayo and an oatmeal butterscotch cookie were among the indulgences. We also walked a lot though. But I like your suggestion. I think I will apply it to my walks. Like take a 10 minute walk every day. Just 10 minutes.

  4. Happy belated birthday!
    I totally understand the sad feeling - there are so many little things that make you feel like your baby is growing up so fast...but fortunately there are always new things to look forward to and I have liked each stage more than the last...they all have been great.


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