Lactation Consultant = My new BFF

Seriously. Nancy Held, I love you. I hope you google yourself and find this and know how much I really, really love you. Everytime I come to see you, I just want to stay for 8 hours and hug you. You make me feel completely sane and come up with great solutions for my ongoing drama trying to feed Miss Nipple-Picky Pants. You are worth the money. You rule.

Yesterday we tried just about every way we could think of to get Lucia to nurse, with some success actually. What worked? The Supplemental Nursing System, (or SNS) strangely. Nancy joked that they call it the S&M because it's sheer torture to wash it, but she thinks we'll get Lucia on the boob with this thing. Me loves an LC with a sense of humor. I got some more supplements and smaller flanges, which have actually increased the amount of milk I'm able to express. Who knew?

We tried the Nursing System last night and Little Miss seemed confused by the whole thing. We'll try again today. The key is to try before she's ravenous and maybe actually in a good mood. I've learned this is about a 10-minute window. I have a strong suspicion that I need to be more optimstic (read: not anxious) about it, as I think Little Miss is picking up on my anxiety. Dammit. If only I could have a giant glass of wine before each feeding.

Other news of the day: overslept and missed my wound care appointment. Whoops. Called to verify my orthodontist appointment today, only to find out it was last Wednesday. Double whoops. I go for my post-partum checkup at 4 p.m. today. In the meanwhile, Little Miss has been able to fall asleep on me no problem, but every time I put her down in the bassinet, she wakes right up and makes all these screechy sounds just as I would lay down and get comfy. It could be a long day. 


  1. The SNS was the last resort for me. It worked fine (though SO SLOW) at the lactation office, then it wouldn't flow right at home. Hope it works better for you. You have worked SO HARD at BF - give yourself a pat on the back (and a break about the peach cobbler)! Call me if you want to chat...


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