Update -- the Cliff Notes Version

Lactation consultant said stop stressing out about putting Lucia on the breast. She's not ready, so just stop. Pump and feed her breastmilk. And go down to six pumpings a day (from eight) and SLEEP.

I'm incredibly relieved. My mom goes home tomorrow, and I'm going to try to let her. She's been a great, great help.


  1. Sounds like a good plan. Maybe when you stop stressing about it, Lucia will pick up on it? Maybe she senses the situation. But she is getting the good stuff which is the important part, though I know you are probably fed the EFF up with hearing that.
    Maybe you'll be up for a visit on Wednesday, after you decompress from your mom leaving? New mom's suck with scheduling, I know, I know.

  2. Sounds like you have a wonderful LC! :)

  3. That is great news. Your LC is wise :).

  4. Good news. Sounds like a really fantastic LC.


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