How Are You Feeling?

Physically, leaning towards meh more than I'd like. I'm a total spaz high-energy and being down for the count and forced to restrict my activites cause dammit, a trip to Whole Foods wears me out, just isn't fun. But it gets better every day.

Emotionally, I am:

1. absolutely in love with Lucia. In Freaking Love.
2. a little overwhelmed with some perfectionist tendencies -- basically I spring awake like a cuckoo clock every 2 hours to make sure I'm awake and ready for the feeding every-three-hour rule. We're testing the alternative tonight: since Lucia wakes up anyway at 3-3.5 hours, wake up when she wakes up. What a novel idea.
3. feeling better about breastfeeding. She'll get it -- she gets closer every time and actually latched on each breast for about 10 minutes last night. Woo-woo. The plan remains (until we're full-time latching) to let her try it and get practice, then feed her my breastmilk with the bottle. Good news is I'm a total milk machine.
4. glad that her weight is almost near her birth weight. We go again Thursday to the newborn club to have it checked.
5. so thankful for an amazing husband and family to pitch in.
6. really psyched that I've lost 20 lbs since giving birth. Really, really psyched.
7. surprised at how painful diaper rash looks. OW. Poor thing.


  1. Sounds like you are settling in. Great news about Lucia's weight. :)

    20 pounds! That's awesome. At 6 weeks, I had only lost 17. Grrr.

    Poor little girl with diaper rash. :( Have you tried Boudreaux's Butt Paste? I don't know if they have it there, but it is the best! I get it at Target. It really stains, so don't get it on anything else, but it clears diaper rash up really fast.

  2. FYI -

    I promise it isn't a scary website. ;)

  3. We always used aquafor on our babies' butts.

    Yahoo on the 20 pounds lost. Freaking awesome.

    You'll get your energy back. You have had so many huge things happen. It is so hard, though, to adjust to not being able to do everything you used to. I used to feel so frustrated that I could not complete a task...however simple as it might have a day. Folding and putting away laundry seemed to take days.

    Enjoy your little muffin (Lucia obviously).

  4. Excellent on the weight loss since your last update, go you! Have you tried anything for the rash? After Butt Paste, A&D, Method, I found Aquaphor Baby to be great...
    Super yhat she is getting the latch too, keep at it. Dude, fist pump to the milk machines!

  5. Just checkin' in and catching up. So glad you're all home and getting into a routine.

    I smile coyly thinking of your perfectionist tendancies. I know I would have the same issues.

  6. Me too! 20 lbs gone!! Yeah!


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