The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Oy. Waiting for any possible sign of pending labor; a cramp here, a contraction there, etc. etc. is um tough. I feel like a total pregnant lady cliche -- just waiting and waiting. Pete and I have read the books forward and backward to look for signs of false labor and have tried to remain calm (which is much easier for Pete than me). Last night I started having contractions that I guess were just practice contractions, so I laid still and tried to see if they were coming on regularly (which they were) and I decided to try to go to sleep and that IF they were the real-deal, they'd get stronger.

Only I couldn't sleep because I kept anticipating waking up in writhing pain. And *just* about the time I fell into a very light sleep, Mrs. B woke me up. We gave her a pork bone yesterday and she had massive, massive diarrhea and was throwing up. Three hours later -- the same. I got up at 6, had something to eat, and was still having weird contractions/cramps. I drank 2.5 tall glasses of water and laid on the couch and thankfully Facebook chatted with a friend. It just felt like weird cramps. Last night more so than this morning; it was like I was about to start my period at any moment.

Anyway, I finally fell back asleep around 8:30 this morning and they stopped. Mrs. B woke me up at 10 and I finally told Pete he had to deal with Mrs. Squirty Butt.

At least this is good practice for LG, right?


  1. I had alot of BH contractions weeks before Jonah, and one of the doctors in my practice told me to drink caffeine and it would stop BH contractions, but not progressive labor may be worth a shot for you

  2. Waiting really is the hardest. :( Keep us posted.


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