OK, here is the dealio:

Doc said she emailed me, had her assistant call and checked my lab results all within half an hour today. she didn't get my message from 8 a.m. To her, it looked like she was being incredibly responsive. To me, it looked like I just wanted a call from HER (not a nurse) and I couldn't get that. 
Predictably, I cried a lot at the appt. Unpredictably, she did too. She said it really bummed her out at the thought of me thinking she didn't care about me (follow that?). She said she loved having me as a patient and loved my spunk. :) I said I'm really nervous and anxious and seeing her every week would really calm me down. She said no prob and agreed I've had a rough pregnancy, especially with the freaking GDM being all over the map. We hugged. Twice. Once with my pants off, which you know means we both meant it. 

Now for the bad news: my blood pressure is very high (149/92). They checked it twice, and sent some lab work in, and I have to go back in 90 minutes for another check. I'm swelling like a mo-fo, so I guess it's possible that preeclampsia is here. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Send me good vibes that it's not. Then again, if that means the baby comes out sooner, maybe that's not such a bad thing?


  1. Holy crap!!! (As the Fetus Turns, LOL.) I'm so glad y'all reconciled. No pants hugs are huge. :)

    Ooh, I hope you don't have preeclampsia. My friend had it with both of her babies. (Both of whom are fine, btw.) She just had them a little early.

    Ummm, can you keep your legs crossed until Thurs of next week? I have your package all ready to go and am taking it to the UPS store in the morning. It should be there next Wednesday.

  2. Wow, it really seems like your doc does care about you - a lot. Especially with a no-pants hug.

    I really hope it's not preclampsia. **Sending a hug (with pants on) and lots of good vibes!!!

  3. I don't know anyone who doesn't go to the OB/ midwife weekly the last month. I think that is pretty standard. Considering you have even more risk I'm dumbfounded.

    As for feeling anxious... that's normal with everything going well. Also when everything stressful was happening during my pregnancy with Baby (robbery, seizures, car accident, etc) my blood pressure went up 30 points (over & under the slash) and let me tell you that alone made me feel like I was going to have a heart attack... not the blood pressure reading the actual blood pressure made me feel crazy and physically under more stress and less able to handle everything else... so it could be biological.
    No matter what happens you are almost done. LG is almost outta there!

  4. Oh God, Heather, what a bunch of bad crap flying your way this pregnancy. I concur what Mrs F said about the blood pressure. It is normal to anxious at the end of the pregnancy, but the high blood pressure is also screwing you over, too.

    I am so glad that you and your doc had a good talk. Also, I would think it would be standard for you to go weekly for the last 4 weeks...especially with the other stuff going on (gd and high blood pressure.)

    I am thinking of you and sending good vibes your way. LG will be here soon! Hang in there!

    **Sending a hug (with pants on) LOL p.o.m.!

  5. I don't know anyone who doesn't go to the OB/ midwife weekly the last month. I think that is pretty standard. Considering you have even more risk I'm dumbfounded.

    DITTO to Mrs F. I was really surprised to hear that. IMO not seeing the doctor every week at the end is way more the exception than the rule.

    No matter how hard it gets -You will get through it! There will be an end.

  6. Thanks gals! She said that it wasn't standard with Kaiser and she cited some OB|GYN organization that dictates these things. She said other doc's offices work that way cause they rely on that for income? Whatevs. She said it was FINE for me to come in every week.

    Good thought Mrs F about blood pressure making me extra-crazy. Seriously. Maybe that's what is going on. I'm feeling super on edge and crazy for sure.

    Thanks for the hugs with the pants on. Greatly appreciated!!

  7. Heather,
    seriously it really effected me... seems reasonable to me.
    hang in there!

  8. OK peeps: I went to the doc and had my BP checked again, it was back down to 135/82. PHEW! I'm going back in Friday and Tuesday for checks. And Thursday for a checkup.

    Thanks for the hugs with pants on!

  9. HEATHER!!!

    No preclampsia please!

  10. Nope, let's hope not Alice. Dude, it's been one of those days. Good thing there's no white wine chilling; I'd be having a glass tonight to settle my nerves. Gawd.

  11. I just found your site through Mrs. F.'s blog and I wish that I had known about you earlier. I had Gestational Diabetes (diet and exercise controlled) during my last pregnancy (born on his due date 9/25/05). Everything was fine, labor was quick and comfortable, and the baby did really great despite my constant fear and worry about his well-being.

    I had lots of swelling the last couple of weeks of all of my pregnancies, and didn't have pre-eclampsia. For me, it was probably due to the fact that I could have better circulation in general.

    Not trying to dismiss your concerns, because I know that they are real and you have good reason for them. Just wanted to let you know that I went through some similar stuff, and everything turned out fine :)

  12. Thanks Amy! Greatly appreciated.


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