Operation Hot Mama Research

Ok. I am of the philosophy that eating 1200 calories a day is really bad for you, and the recent stuff I've been reading backs me up. Overtraining and undereating = whacked out metabolism.

So here's what I'm researching:

Fat Loss Troubleshoot and the Metabolism Repair Manual
These were $60 to download, which looks steep, but after reading so many rave reviews (seriously -- google them) on the books and the not-quick-fix mentality they promote, I was on board. PLUS with the freaking GDM it's apparent my metabolism is whackedy whacked.

I've only read the metabolism repair manual to date, but so far me likey the basic gist: people went from working out two hours a day or something ridiculous like that and eating lower and lower calories to get results, to eating more in at least 2,000 calorie range of *quality* foods and working out more moderately, and losing weight and fat like crazy.

(I shall update you when I've read the Fat Loss book -- I'm working on getting through it today)

This is completely on board with what has worked for me in the past. Give me calorie limits and I go postal in about 1.5 days. Give me a food list and tell me that I can have sugar or pizza once or twice a week -- but otherwise stick to lean protein, fruits, veggies and whole-grain carbs, and I sail through like a champ. I read this in the NY Times today and agree wholeheartedly. This is why the Weight Watchers Core program is so appealing to me; you stick to food lists and spend your extra points on things like peanut butter and bran muffins -- there's a natural incentive to avoid spending points on freaking Skinny Cows. It's funny, my mom and I were talking about this, and she's had some success with the Flex Points program. She doesn't care how much she eats -- she's not a volume eater like me -- but she doesn't want to feel confined by food lists. We're so different that way.

You'll also remember that when I was working out like a demon last fall I wasn't losing any weight. When did I lose the most weight? Working out moderately, 4-5 days a week, making sure I got in high-intensity strength training sessions, and basically not being crazy.

So I'll read the fat loss book, and update you. But the plan so far is WW Core program (because I need the structure of a "program"), and my Lift Weights to Lose Weight DVD, which is 50-minutes and high-intensity, daily walks with LG (note to LG: ANY FREAKING DAY NOW!), and power yoga at least once a week. Power yoga makes me slightly less spazzy, but also makes me feel like a total badass.


  1. Very interesting. I can't wait to see how it works for you. It is definitely a good plan while breastfeeding since it doesn't limit your calories.

  2. Thanks -- I'm excited too!

  3. S.L.A.P. = Sounds like a plan
    A BAD ASS plan.

    I think I cut my calories galore, but now I eat a heck of a lot more, but healthy stuff. HOWEVAH... I do no shy a way from a cookie or piece of pizza. If it is there, I shall consume.

    Nobody has noticed the "Reverend" comment. I got ordained online. Funny huh? I am actually going to perform a wedding for my friends.

  4. Thanks POM! I mean, er Rev. I thought you might have gotten ordained online (just like Tori Spelling!!!) but forgot to comment on it.

    Yes, agreed. Cookies = good. Pizza = good. But I'd rather just eat those things once a week and otherwise stick to food lists than 100-calorie snack packs, know what I mean?

  5. YES. THere are definite benefits to the calorie cutting mindset but it mostly just makes me crazy. Having a list of foods makes me feel freer (but I know calorie counters who love it just for that reason...more freedom to eat what you want).

    It works so much better for me to focus on the healthy foods, proteins, whole grains, veggies, etc. and limit sweets to once a week. It just works better for me long term (KEY).

    ANyway, I think it's awesome you're focusing on this now...good way to take your mind off things, no?

    ok...pom was ordained? gotta go check THAT out, lol...

  6. Fist pump KatieO -- word word.


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