In Between All This

In between all the drama with my blood pressure and basically feeling like I could develop preeclampsia at any given moment and thus be induced and that means maybe pitocin and what if my cervix doesn't cooperate and what if I have to have a C-section and what if the baby I don't bond right away, etc. etc. etc. I have cooked something delicious and thought I would share the recipe. It's idiot-proof.

Spicy Slow-Cooked Pork
Giant pork shoulder (so big you have to have Pete hack off the corners to fit it in the crock pot)
32 oz jar of pepperocinis
1 Corona light beer

*this recipe is a modified one from O magazine, which required more ingredients and I was too lazy to buy them, etc.

Wedge pork into crock pot. Open pepperocinis. Pour in with all the liquid. Pour beer over it. Cook for 8 hours on low.

Voila. Instant hit. Pete's going to say it's too spicy. I say it's perfect and might induce labor naturally, so bring it on.


  1. "I could develop preeclampsia at any given moment and thus be induced and that means maybe pitocin and what if my cervix doesn't cooperate and what if I have to have a C-section and what if the baby I don't bond right away, etc. etc. etc."

    Seriously, we were separated at birth. This is my stream of consciousness at any given moment. :)

  2. I feel like a NUT! I was beside myself at 4 a.m. -- I felt all squirrelly again. I was laying on my left side and STILL swelling at an insane rate.

    I just hate the NOT knowing how things are going to turn out...

  3. That sounds utterly delicious! Sean hates peppers of any sort though, so I'll probably never make it for myself...I'll stop by for leftovers one day :P

    I hope that your BP was in check today...oh, and interested in the BRU carseat inspection went...Hmmm

  4. Anonymous6:45 PM

    I love pork in the crock pot, so easy and yummy!
    You WILL bond with your baby, C-section or not, whatever happens during labor and birth. I was worried about this, too, and apparently so was the hospital staff, to the point that they acted as if having her close by was more important than my getting any sleep, after 36 hrs with hardly any. You have days, weeks, months, a lifetime to bond. Caroline and I are VERY bonded. I know this is easier to see for me in retrospect but I wanted to share in the hopes that maybe it will alleviate even a little of your anxiety even a little bit...If you do have a C-section or any problems with breastfeeding for any reason, DEMAND/have Pete and anyone else who is with you demand to see a lactation consultant ASAP.

  5. Hola Amy T!

    It is tasty tasty tasty, but I'm not sure how you could do it without the peppers... I'll make it for you another time.

    We skipped the car seat check. I decided since Pete is so fanatical about doing things perfectly and also a mechanical engineer, there's a really, really good chance he did it right.

    And thanks Colleen! Greatly appreciated. My biggest concern is not being able to hold her right away and put her to the breast. At Kaiser when you have a v-delivery they put the baby on the mother's bare chest immediately (before cleaning her off) and put blankets over us to bring the baby's heart rate down and to regulate her temperature. I'm really looking forward to that part, and would hate to miss it due to a C-section. I know that we'll be able to bond later, but I'm really looking forward to THAT moment in particular. We'll see how it goes!

    And thanks for the input on the lactation consultant; breastfeeding is something that's non-negotiable with me and we'll be pulling in all the help we can get if need be.

  6. Let's just say I did have to get pitocin and my cervix didn't cooperate and I did have an emergeny c-section and Kid was taken for 5 hours to the NICU while I came out of recovery... and she still latched on right away and nursed like a champ and we bonded right away.
    Try not to let a c-section be your worst fear. It's okay. I've had 2. And while it's not what I wanted when it gets to that point it isn't your choice. I just want you to know that it doesn't mean you'll have any hardship w/nursing or bonding. With Kid it was 5 hours later, with Baby I had her w/me the whole time. Both kids had no problems in these areas.
    It'll all be fine!

  7. Thanks Mrs F! That's really great to hear!

  8. I had 2 c-sections, too (both unplanned/emergency style) and before each kid was swooped off to the NICU and after I was sewn up (ewww, i don't know how else to put it), they brought my baby to me and put him on my breast to nurse.

    As far as bonding, it WILL happen...even if it does not happen the moment you give birth or even for a few days later. Call me a bad mother, but I did not necessarily bond right after birth. I was a real medical mess after my first child was born and frankly, after my second was born, I was worrying about my other little guy at home. Hey, I knew him longer:) Don't get me wrong, I loved them both immensely, but the complete bonding that you read about in the cutesy mother type books or movies that show the ga-ga eyed mommy did not happen to me right away. I was exhausted. So don't be hard on yourself or think it is all supposed to be a certain way or feeling and oh no, you don't feel it. It is all so new to become a parent.

    I had difficulty nursing my first child at first, but only because he was 5 weeks early and my milk had not come in. Oh, and he HAD to have a little formula in the NICU because he was dehydrated because I had no milk. I cried about that thinking it would ruin my child, ruin our ability to breastfeed well and all that. In fact, he became dehydrated because I insisted like a crazy new mom not to let him after any formula (i could not even pump anything). The NICU finally insisted. You know what, that milk finally came, he never had another drop of formula or even pumped breast milk for that matter (dammit, he would not take a bottle at all and I owned the Medela Pump in Style bought at full fucking price!!) for close to a year and a half when he started refusing my breast as I tried to shove it in his poor mouth. My next little guy was a champ immediately after birth. No issues at all.

    You are going to do GREAT!!

  9. Julie -- thank you so much! Wonderful to hear. I knew you guys would have plenty of info and stories to relate -- thank you!

    This whole thing is really nerve wracking -- which may be the most obvious thing I've ever written. :)


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