How Today is Gonna Go Down

Look, I basically cried my eyes out for an hour last night. The nerves just got to me. It's normal, for sure -- I know. But I just needed to bawl and process things. I was super grouchy most of the day and bit on Pete a lot. That man has the patience of a saint. I slept from 9-11:15, then back to sleep around 1ish, and now I'm up. So last night's sleep -- my last sleep before I'm officially a parent -- was shitty. I had hot flashes and accompanying nightmares. Poor Pete was so freezing he slept in a hooded sweatshirt.

So today's going to go down like this:
  • Now: eat breakfast, catch up on news and other blogs.
  • In an hour: go to Nob Hill Foods (yes it carries the prices with the name, but their chicken breasts are the only ones we buy, and I can often get them on sale). Bonus: Peet's coffee is located inside Nob Hill, and unlike Starbucks, they DO have half-caf iced coffee. Get one of those with a touch of half-n-half for mood adjustment. Or maybe a large iced tea.
  • Go to Safeway to get turkey breast for sandwiches for Pete to take to the hospital, and for me to eat today.
  • Go to Trader Joe's (open at 9) for MILK (Hallelujah!!! I can drink milk again after LG is out! Well, specifically after the placenta is out!), FRUIT (That's right!), and other basics like laundry brightener and frozen pizzas and waffles.
  • Approximately 10 a.m., come home, make something to eat, watch Biggest Loser from last night and possibly Chris Matthews show.
  • 12 noon. Fall into a luscious deep sleep, possibly with Mrs. B on the bed for comfort. Although she snores a lot lately, so we'll have to play it by ear.
  • 2 or 3. Wake up. Finish organizing/packing hospital bags.
  • 4ish: figure out dinner. I'm supposed to only have light meals today. And don't ask about the blood sugar values: I figured I'd take my last reading after dinner tonight, and I'll bring my meter and booky with me to the hospital. I don't know if I can eat during the induction. And the nurses at the perinatal service center, who I'm supposed to report my blood values to tonight, said that of course I could just call tomorrow. I tried three times to explain that I'd be in labor, but the nurse I talked to just barely spoke English, so I just said thankyouverymuch and hung up.
  • 6 p.m. Call the L&D unit at the hospital to make sure they have a bed for me. They said it *rarely* happens, but if there's a crazy run of laboring ladies, they may have me wait at home for a few hours rather than the waiting room.
  • 6:30-7 p.m. Report to hospital (if they have a bed). I don't know why it says this time vs. 8 p.m. if 8 p.m. is my appointment, but whatevs. Sooner = better in my mind. Meet my bro there for key exchange so he can let the dog out while we're occupado. Get big hug from him.
Now onto the FAQs:

Are they using pitocin to induce you?
No. Well not at least initially. Our HMO strives for a less is more approach, as obvious by the fact that I've basically threatened to take a steak knife to my belly to get this kid out and my doc just says, let's just hang in there. So they're starting with misoprostol, which is prostaglandin, to thin out my cervix. They're using a tablet, rather than the gel. They start with this, then progress to other things if that doesn't work.

Are you freaking out about the possibility of a c-section?
No. I'm not. I just want a healthy baby. I read up on the recovery times of both types of delivery, and while I know it'll take longer to get back on my feet with a c-section, I'm totally OK with whatever happens tonight. Except the possible very rare chance of complications from a c-section. Those scare me and had me crying the night BEFORE last after I spent too much time googling.

When is LG gonna get here?
It could be anywhere from 6-24 hours. The nurses said average is 16 hours, but it takes longer with the misoprostol.

When will you update us?
Unfortunately, blogger does not have a mobile application that works with my Blackberry, which I will have with me in the room. The plan is loosely this: Either Pete or I will write a blog post for Team Hansen as soon as I am physically able (we are bringing the Macbook with us so we can watch movies) and Pete will take the computer into the wireless area of the hospital and post it. It's unlikely (ahem, for obvious reasons, right?) that I won't be able to respond to comments/emails right away.

Are you excited?
I am very excited. I'm glad I cried out the nervous part last night and sincerely hope that once I get a loooooong nap today, I will feel better.

Look out for a Team Hansen video today of our thoughts before we head over to the hospital. I predict it will be as funny as previous videos, with me basically "interviewing" Pete and him giving one-word answers. But we'll see. We had a cute conversation the other night about what we were most excited to teach LG about the world, so I thought we'd share some of that. Of course I'll be doing this after my hair is perfectly arranged -- who knows when I'll be able to do it again.


  1. You are too cute!! I am so excited for you.

    Good luck and email me when you can. :)

    **hugs with pants on**

  2. Im so excited for you guys, reading about your plans for today had me crying thinking just four weeks ago I had my lil man and I can remember every detail fromthat day. Cant wait to see LG.
    oh yeah and I was induced with both my kiddos and they never let me eat I did have MR. sneak in some peanut butter crackers this last go around I cant go 10-12 hours without eating especially in labor. yeah thinking happy baby thoughts for you guys!!

  3. You are gonna be great, SNAKEY! No worries.

  4. Wow! You've got quite the busy day planned out! Glad you scheduled *some* time in there for a nap!

    ...and I just need to say I am feeling your frustration w/ how the GD monitoring #s are all screwy. I am confused as hell and I'm hoping that the #s will level out in some shape or form within this next week!

  5. Good luck today!! Can't wait to see pictures of LG!

  6. Our thoughts are with you and we are very excited for you. We are looking forward to the pics!

  7. hang in there's ok to be nervous...and throw up...and be cranky...with perfect hair...whatever you need to be today. you will do awesomely...we're all rooting for me if you can. sending lots and lots of love and strength. xoxo

  8. Aaaah! SO excited for you.

    I hope everything goes smoothly. I just can't wait until you get to see her! (ugh. I'm choking up as I write this.)

  9. Hey thanks everyone. Hug with pants on for alls youse.

    Robin, you know you'll get an email!

    Andrea, good to know about the food. We're smuggling in sandwiches and snackies.

    Thanks Newmie!

    Amy: hang in there -- it's tough to adjust to, for sure!

    Thanks Kate and Mike and Jill and POM!

    MP: Just called you! Perfect hair is CRITICAL, I'm so glad you agree.

    KatieO: I know! LG got the hiccups this morning and I thought, oh this may be the last time I feel these. And then I got all misty.

  10. I'm so excited for you! I haven't read your whole post, but wanted to send you my good thoughts as soon as possible. Good luck and I'll be thinking about you tonight.


  11. Yea, the time is almost finally here!! So exciting. I have to say your play by play for today makes you sound incredibly calm and prepared! Do bring snacks. I was hungry for the first 7 or so hrs of labor. Try to drink a lot of water and some soda or juice (if they let you) for hydration and energy. You will do great (though there's no guarantee your hair will still look great by the time LG appears)! Very excited for you!


  12. Good luck!!! To you and Pete (it is tough on the dad, too)

    Can't wait to hear all about it...well, you know.

  13. Good luck tonight!

    I cannot wait to see a pic of LG!! I'll be stalking the Team Hanson blog ;)

  14. good luck and enjoy the moment!


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