Happiness Is...

Humor me, I'm in a fourth-grader mood today. 

Happiness is:
  • A double-double from In-N-Out Burger, a California burger chain that is not technically fast food cause it's REAL FOOD. However it is cheap and you get it fast. 
  • Only getting up to pee twice in one night. Gawd that's a sentence I never thought I'd write.
  • Slow-churned vanilla bean ice cream with natural peanut butter over it. Obviously, I'm coping with yesterday's drama with food. I can't drink and getting on the treadmill at this point would be sheer comedy, so this is what I'm left with.
  • Ezekial 4:9 cinnamon raisin bread. I have fallen in love with you, yes I have. 
  • Sugar free popsicles to cope with the heat. These rule.
  • Cherry Mylanta.
Happiness is not however:
  • The Eating Right multigrain waffles from Safeway. I'm not sure even Mrs. B would eat these. 
  • Forking over an eye-blurring amount of money to our new Roth IRA accounts and our emergency cash reserve account, and then feeling like you're literally free-falling financially. 
  • Pete's unrelenting back-seat driving. 
  • The fact that we can't get our car seat installation inspected anywhere before LG arrives, minus an "event" at the Babies R Us 30 miles north of here from 9-12 tomorrow. Tomorrow's task: leave house at 7:30 with packed food, arrive at 8 and pray that the line isn't insane. Possibly hit Starbucks for half-caf on the way for aforementioned coping. 
  • The hole in my new nightgown from Target I discovered upon putting it on, which means I have to return it. Dammit. 


  1. Dude
    Have you tried AAA, CHP or local police station for the car seat inspection? Another place that might be able to do it is Lullaby Lane in San Bruno....a drive for you but maybe worth checking out. We had ours done at AAA before the babies came.
    I'm so over BRU! I hate them but need them for certain things...GRRR!

  2. Hola Mike or Jill! I can never tell which one of you is writing...

    I've tried a zillion places down here. Pete is going to drive up and handle it tomorrow; I can't deal with BRU. :)

  3. Oh sorry! It's me...Jill. That sucks. You're smart to just stay home and outta the heat. It's burning up here I can't imagine how hot is is where you are!

  4. Hi Jill!

    It's around 98 degrees here. I managed to win the air conditioning fight a few weeks ago, so it's nice and cool in here. I may get in the pool later, but then again, I'm feeling fairly self-conscious about being in a bathing suit. Call me vain!

  5. I wanna try In-N-Out Burger. :(

    good luck on the car seat thing. is it bad that I've never had ours inspected. Hmmm. We put them in and out all the time, so I'm not sure it would do any good.

  6. In Maine and Texas you can go to any police station or fire station at any time and they'll inspect it for you. Since it was in both of those states, it's probably in California too.
    Oh, and they LLLOOOVVVEEEE doing it! Seriously, the always seem so excited!

  7. "The hole in my new nightgown from Target."

  8. Dude, the carseat thing? Blows!
    Did you try it yourselves? Seriously it wasn't that bad for mine. I know we have different types though and mine has a base to it that yours doesn't. But really, we're working with seatbelts here, it wasn't that bad.

    Just to back Miss Heather's quest for inspection, it is nearly impossible to get an appointment in our area. The police deptartments and CHP are the only ones that do the inspections, and the appts are an hour each, and booked a month in advance. The fire departments do not do it. Some car dealers do it, but, um, I wouldn't be comfortable with that inspection. So you either plan well in advance, do it yourself, or hope for the best! Good luck girlie.

  9. Nodding with Amy T. Every place is booked. I'm going to throw caution to the wind and say eff it. Pete's a mechanical engineer and obsessed with doing things perfectly, so I'm confident it's installed right.

    Got a new nightgown KatieO -- along with sunglasses (I've lost both of my other pairs), and rubbing alcohol for LG's cord thingy. I did look at the scuffs Mrs. F has, but I have a weird thing for sheepskin-like products on my feet since I have Sweaty Foot Syndrome. So dangit, I didn't get them. I had been somewhat excited about wowing the hospital staff with my fashion prowess. Kidding. Kinda.

  10. Heather,
    Okay I feel like I have sweaty feet and they are not a problem...however I've had them for about a week (maybe 2) and I'm already wearing through the lining. So you may have made the right choice.


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