All Systems Go

Blood pressure today = fine.
Non stress test = baby fine. The nurse actually said, "She's really active." Me: "No, this is a quiet day."
Ready to have the baby Wednesday night. They said it could take up to 16 hours from the time we start. So by noon Thursday we may have an actual baby to hold. It feels like Christmas Eve, only on a much bigger scale.

In other news:
  • I smell pee when sitting on the couch. Methinks Mrs. B has left us a present somewhere.
  • I'm on hold with freaking Babies R Us to try to find a cosleeper. Update: the mini co-sleeper has been discontinued. EFFFFF. Now what are we gonna do?


  1. I'm so glad everything is looking good.

    Strange that you can't find a co-sleeper. Are there any other baby type stores that may have one? Have you checked Target?

  2. I was thinking the same thing Robin - BuyBuyBaby has it in stock and looks like if you pay for expedited shipping you could have it in 1-2 business days. Could you ship it to your bro's house?

  3. Awesomeness ladies -- thanks so much!

    I happen to call my friend Sara to catch up with her and she offered to let us borrow hers. Dude, it's really nice, which is just an extra bonus. So nice of her!|b

  4. You can always have the baby in the bed with you.

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  6. Nice. The best baby gear (especially at the newborn stage) is the stuff you can borrow!

    BTW, the full retail price for that sucker is insane.

  7. Oops didn't see that you got one... didn't mean that in a you should have her in the bed... but with both kiddos I found it easiest the first couple of days to have the baby but NOT Mr F in there. We never ended up using the co-sleeper we had since after the c-section any amount of moving around to get the baby was painful.

    Good luck... it's almost over!!

  8. Kate -- re: full price: I KNOW! It was beyond nice of her to loan it to us.

    Mrs. F -- agreed. I'm not against co-sleeping or anything, I just have no idea how things are gonna be -- if I'll be able to sleep with her, if co-sleeping will be ok, etc. etc. which is why I was having major heartburn over buying a brand new one.

    My co-worker did call back today and said I could borrow hers but she gave me a hard time about needing to know soon... um, right. Having baby Wednesday. Need place for her to sleep. Right. So I told her thanks anyway.

  9. Just use the stroller bassinet until you figure it out... you won't be taking her out and about the first couple of days anyway (or I wouldn't have) so the wheels will still be clean ;)

  10. Mrs F we can't! The stroller has already been "tainted" cause I used it as a laundry cart. Pete's version of nesting = completely obsessed with the entry way carpet. You'd think that cleaning it -- the whole HOUR it took and $40 it cost -- was a major trauma. It's like he can't recover from it. It's hilarious and pissed me off at the same time until I conferred with Mary and realized he was "nesting."

  11. No go on the co-sleeper that Christine had I guess? That sucks...

    And on the new couch??? Oh boy...

  12. The captain says my couch smells like pee. But I have no pets. That is just creepy.



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