You Had Me at Ears

I find these outfits so damn irresistable. Click here for the bargain version and here for the um, non-bargain version. The cheapskate in me wants to use her monkey costume (trying to find link) for the same purpose. Is that wrong?


  1. *cuteness overdose*
    THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!! I am getting one right this minute!

  2. Alice -- totally!!!! I think I'm going to have to get the pink one. There's nothing I can do. I cannot stop myself.

  3. Love the ears!

    You HAVE to get one!

  4. Yeah, baby boy is gonna be a white teddy bear for Halloween! I got an eye roll from the man, but he just doesn't realize how gaga he is going to get, so whatev'.
    If it were up to him, we would have 3 outfits and dry baby in a kitchen rag after his baths.


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