Well there's that -- Update in the comments...

I just talked to a perinatal nurse for the diabetes and it looks like I'm going to have to go on medication -- not insulin, but something that lowers my blood sugar. It's outta whack despite going for walks and restricting my carbs.

Oh and the NY Times Health section on gestational diabetes says that there's increased fetal mortality in the late stages of pregnancy. Thanks for that.

Needless to say, I'm bummed.


  1. Oh, man, I am so sorry. This completely sucks.

    You and the baby will be okay. Shitty timing on that NY Times article, though. Just what you wanted to see.

    Baby Girl is doing great in there...and you are doing great, too.

  2. Thanks SO much Julie -- giant hug. Greatly appreciated. I'm not positive about the medication; I went for a long walk after dinner and my blood sugar was 104. I'm going to try for a few days to make walks a priority and see how it goes. My blood sugar is on the low side in the morning; if I go on medication I'm worried it'll be too low, since the medication will lower it overall, not just when it spikes.

    Thanks again for the nicey nicey comments.

  3. Oh man, I'm sorry. You should stop reading the news. :)

    You and baby girl are doing fine. Tons of healthy babies are born to moms with GDM. Try not to stress out about it. Hugs

  4. Oh jesus to the freaking infant mortality.

    Be thankful for the constant activity. Really. Both my kids were busy in there and at the end with Kid I knew when I hadn't felt her in awhile and got right to the hospital... she was just trying to stress me out since she was fine (obviously). Also I think when your small it's just so cramped in there and you feel everything.
    Pregs sucks. Babies rock.

  5. Thanks ladies! Greatly appreciated.

    I just went for a really long walk after lunch and my blood sugar was 114. It was high after breakfast, which just means I have to go for a walk to get it down. No prob. I'll schedule in walking, 3x a day. Seriously. If this is what it takes, its what it takes.

  6. Plus if you're walking 3x a day now just think how freaking easy it will be to lose the weight after birth!


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