One Helluva Dry Run to the Hospital, Complete with Panic

So you know how Little Girl is a complete spaz in my belly, right? Complete spaz = rarely quiet for more than say, 3o minutes. This past week it's actually looked like two hogs fighting under my shirt -- that's how active she is. She's busy all day -- not just at night people. All. Day.

We went to Monterey yesterday to see the car races (more about our last hurrah weekends to come on Team Hansen). I checked the weather before going; high of 58. I had cotton pants and a sweater on and brought my adorable maternity jacket and comfy shoes. Sweet. Except when we get down there it's hotter than hell, which to me is about 75 -- but NO shade. And I'm in a sweater. I got really, really, really hot and didn't drink enough water. LG was not moving around, although it's hard to tell with the blaring cars (which were actually really cool). So we go to dinner in the Cannery Row section of Monterey (which is lovely) and I'm waiting for her to start kicking again. Nothing. I drink 5 iced teas with dinner thinking the caffeine will help. Nothing besides teeny flutters. Uncharacteristic of her. (Interesting side note: we passed the Santa Lucia Cafe, and I immediately said "it's a sign! She's going to be fine!" Pete said, "It's a sign! There's Swedes in the area!")

Five hours later after the silent car ride home so I could listen/pay attention to kicks, and after juice, and trying to lay softly on my stomach (which ALWAYS gets her moving), and taking lots of deep breaths to try to get myself to relax, I called the Labor and Delivery nurses to ask them what to do. They said, Come On In! Which really freaked me out, but I should have assumed they just wanted to put my fears to rest. I cried in the car, I cried as they admitted me for observation, although she did kick me once hard while we were in the car, she was just so uncharacteristically quiet. They quickly strapped a fetal monitor on me and saw that she was just fine, but asleep.

The docs said I was slightly dehyrdated and the noise probably scared her/overstimulated her. As soon as I was able to relax and Pete talked to her via my belly, she woke right up and was back to her usual crazy ways.

I feel a little crazy for panicking, but then again, they say that GDM GDM puts me at an increased risk for stillbirth, and I didn't want to take any chances.



  1. interesting... the whole time I was reading I was thinking "it was the noise!"

    We had a similar thing happen with Kid. You absolutely should have gone in. You did not overreact.

    Very cute about the "Swedes in the area" ;)

  2. Bless your heart! How scary.

    I'm so glad that everything is fine and I agree with Mrs. F. You absolutely did not overreact.

    Too funny about the noise. I wouldn't have thought of that, but it makes sense.

  3. BTW, I am waiting til I get back from vacation to mail your gift so tell little girl no more antics!

  4. Awww, she was sleeping. That sounds so cute. Sleeping baby girl in the belly:)

  5. Thanks gals! It was really scary. On the upside though, the L&D units are SOOO nice and so are the nurses and docs. We actually could hear a woman giving birth -- actually we heard the nurses and docs counting for her to push. It was really exciting -- someone was about to be born!

    Robin - THIS little someone will be waiting a few more weeks. :)

  6. Sometimes, little boy moves so much, I can't even look at my stomach, it's so creepy. I can't remember the other two being that active, but maybe I am just mis-remembering.

    I think you did the right thing by going in, this is what the medical team is here for.

    Also, how jealous am I of your going to Monterey. LOVE this place.

  7. Alice -- exactly. I could watch my belly all day. She's constantly moving around.

    Monterey ordinarily = incredibly romantic and lovely. Saturday = panicky and anxiety riddled. Damn.

  8. Wow, that's so amazing that they can be overstimulted even in the womb.

    Thank goodness the nurses are great. My sister's 2nd baby had the WORST nurses ever. It's such a relief when they are helpful and nice!


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