Noticing a Trend Here

We had so much fun yesterday. Bliss bliss, happy happy. Reviews are at Team Hansen. And today I feel like I've been hit by a car. For someone who used to be go-go-go and had a mile-long to-do list and relished in accomplishing every single thing on it and so much more, um, this is an adjustment. I have gotten some things this weekend:
  1. Ordered another print of the famous Vanity Fair shot of our wedding. We can't find the other one and have given up looking.
  2. Bought a 24x36 frame for said print.
  3. Gave up on consignment and just took the stuff to Goodwill. I hate picky consignment people, especially when stuff has the PRICE TAGS on it and has never been worn.
  4. Washed the baby clothes. Dude. LG has so, so, so many clothes. I only washed NB and 0-3 mos and it was TWO FULL LOADS. Think about the size of a NB onesie for a minute, and you'll realize that's a LOT of clothes. Yay!
  5. Put away all the linens/towels/etc. in space bags and used the handy-dandy label maker to keep 'em straight.
  6. Pete steam-cleaned the entry way carpet and is now OBSESSED with keeping it clean. We now have to remove our shoes OUTSIDE, then bring them in. I'm trying to be a trooper.
  7. Shoved 6-8 remaining oatmeal cookies down the garbage disposal. I had 5, or possibly even 6 today and reached my breaking point and had to take drastic measures. The craziest thing is they don't affect my blood sugar. But we all know they're affecting the scale.
In the meanwhile, I'm trying to not feel guilty for not returning phone calls and for not being super-woman. I guess it's good practice for the inevitable shift in priorities over the next few months, or ahem, years.


  1. I've done that with food before. Gotta get rid of them. But good that they weren't affecting your blood sugar.

    Sorry about the fatigue. It comes with the territory. :)

  2. I am in a total nesting frenzy. I cannot look ANYWHERE in my house without making a mental note of how I am going to clean/organize/beautify it. Then I go back to the couch for a nap...

  3. Can't wait to hear about dinner at Chez Panisse Cafe, Scharffen Berger and all the rest. Hope you are feeling well!


  4. Two full loads of baby clothes? That is a lot. But that just means you'll have to do laundry less. Plus, sometimes they "blow" thru those onsies a couple times a day. ha ha.


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