Nothing Significant To Post

I'm up early cause I'm starving and too warm. I don't have many updates, but here goes anyway:

  • Breastfeeding class Monday night -- freaking awesome.
  • Newborn care class tonight -- hoping for the best.
  • Devlin is just adorable. He and Little Girl will share a nanny in January.
  • Once again, surprising blood sugar readings for the week. Norwegian brown cheese = skyrocketed values (196). Ice cream bar = 108. What the hell. I'm not going to question it; my body has a weird reaction to some cheeses and milk (but oddly, not sour cream). Plus I get to eat ice cream (I recommend the slow-churned bars - tasty and portion controlled).
  • I was driving down the freeway yesterday and thought PETE AND ARE HAVING A BABY. WE'RE GOING TO BE ACTUAL PARENTS. LIKE A MOM AND DAD. WE'RE PRODUCING OFFSPRING. I said this to him later and he said, "I know."
  • I'm down to three pairs of pants, camis and the same shirts over and over and over again. This is making getting ready for work a grouchy experience in how to look marginally attractive.
  • I'm having the doc put me on disability as of Sept. 2 -- why not the Friday before Labor Day, you ask? Because then I don't get the holiday at full pay. Sept. 2 will be my last day. I'm really ready to stop working.


  1. And this is why women should on a maternity leave BEFORE having baby. Nothing. fits. I mean, come on! Towards the very end, you're down to like a pair of sweat pants, some XXXXXXL t-shirt and flip flops. Going to work? getting out of here.

    One of my coworker went into labor yesterday. We are in the same hospital and I had to go in for a stress test that afternoon, so on my way out, I went to check on her in labor and delivery. Boy, did I wish it were me... I came home totally weepy, and was thrown into a nesting frenzy.
    Thanks hormons!!

  2. Exactly Alice. I ended up taking a sick day today I was feeling so crappy. I'm trying to be a trooper, but dammit, I'm tired and not sleeping well and am just ready for this to be over and done with.

    And LOL about the XXXXXXL shirts -- tell me about it!

  3. Yay for maternity leave! It's nice to not care about what you're wearing, or to not get dressed at all!


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