Newborn Class = Meh

Meh. We agreed upon leaving tonight's class that the best thing we learned was how to give her a bath. The rest of the stuff = meh. The lady was fairly opinionated about vaccines (very pro) and that goddamn infant seat, which you know how I feel about. She actually said that 99.9% of people get the infant seat. I'm PROUD to buck the trend. Seriously. I was also really proud to raise my hand and tell the class to get The Vaccine Book and learn about the pros and cons of each vaccine for themselves. I mean, come on.

I think I've always been like this, btw. I have a problem with authority. I challenge any leader of just about anything. When I was running with the SF Road Runners, I constantly constantly challenged our running coach and was always finding fault with whatever he did. I'm just not ever satisfied with a leader not, well, leading. Don't act like you are the authority on something unless you actually are. If you've done all the research, then go get 'em. You remember the diabetes class, I had the same problem. If you're gonna teach a class, you need to know your shit.

So the class was meh. Afterwards we went to Whole Foods for newborn diapers and baby castille soap (no thanks we won't be using something "gentle" like IVORY SOAP [which everyone knows is the harshest thing you could use]) and dinner, and then we went to Target to find sunglasses for LG and a hat (we struck out on both).


  1. I too have trouble with leadership... I blame it on dad...

  2. Are you not into vaccines at all or just delayed? I had my kids vaccinated for everything and on schedule and they had no problems at all. I know that is not true for everyone.

    I just read an article this morning about measles cases being up because of children not vaccinated for it (mainly children not vaccinated for religious reasons per the article.)

    As my kids are now beyond the age of the constant vaccinations when they were little ones, I am just curious what the issues are with them (i know they took out the thirmersol (sp??) in the vaccines...and that was a concern regarding the mercury when my kids were babes). When my first baby was born, I was the only person in my group of friends who had a baby so the discussion on some of these issues just were not a topic. And my best friend at the time was an epidemiologist who's specialty was childhood vaccinations (!!) so this was the only info I was exposed to. Plus, there was no wonderful world of blogs and the blog sisterhood of moms and moms to be! I really missed the boat on the sharing of information. I think it is fantastic that you have so much more at your fingertips (though, I do know the all of the information can be overwhelming, too.)

    Oh, and I am curious about why you don't like infant seats.

    I had my boys 20 months apart and was pregnant when my first was 11 months old. I just did not have the time or access to all of this great information. The web was not what it is at that time I had freaking dial up and everything was slow, plus no laptop then and I was breastfeeding non-stop. Since I am such an obsessive person (and not always so good about making a decision:) ), it is probably to my benefit that I did not have all this information so readily available. I would have been totally crazy researching it all and still not sure what to do:)

  3. Alice -- I'm starting to realize my dislike of authority is fairly prevalent. It's why I hate most group activities where there's a leader.

    Julie -- hola! We aren't anti-vaccines, but we want to research them and delay them. What we ARE anti is just going along with whatever "everyone else" does just because it's what everyone else does. Does that make sense? We got the Vaccine Book to research the pros and cons of each vaccine. I think we'll fully vaccinate her, just on a delayed schedule. LG is supposed to get the Hep B vaccine right after birth, according to our pediatricians, but you can delay it up to a month. We'd like to see the pediatrician first (when she's 2 weeks old) and either do it then or at the one-month checkup. There's so much drama around "which side" people are on; we're on the side for getting the information and making the right decision. Pete's from Norway, as you know, so he tends to not like/distrust conventional medicine anyway.

    Re: infant seat. Several reasons:
    1. I freaking hate carrying anything like that -- i.e. grocery basket, etc.
    2. I don't want to develop a neck/back problem from carrying it.
    3. LG will grow out of it quickly. We decided to buy a higher-quality convertible seat instead.
    4. Everyone says we HAVE TO HAVE IT. Again, maybe it's my distrust of authority, but bells and whistles go off when people tell me I HAVE TO have something. People are really, really, really obnoxious and adamant about us having one (like telling me on a conference call at work about it. A conference call with lots of other people on it. Good god.) Maybe we'll be wrong! Maybe we'll say, you know they were right!!! (But I doubt it). Several brave souls have confessed that they didn't get one and they were SO glad. Or they got one and what a waste of money it was.
    5. I don't think babies should be in the position in the car seat at length; I think flat on their backs is better. I'm ready to eat my words if LG has a flathead. :)
    6. I'm going to use the slings and stroller as her primary means of transport.
    7. I'm ok with waking her up to get her in and out of the seat. I'm still not sure how much we'll be out and about during her nap times anyway.

    I agree; the information overload is tough. I started really liking one philosophy, then took a few steps to the right and did more research, and now I'm back to where I started. If you look at my book list on the right you'll see that I will have my hands full the next few weeks with reading. :)

  4. Yup, I totally get you on the vaccines. I feel like we were really lucky that we had no complications with any of the shots. Plus, I have read that some of the vaccines given are too early and don't necessarily work properly if given too early.

    I am positive for HepB so I believe both of my kids had the shot right after birth.

    The carseat you chose is excellent. I have read nothing but good things about the Britax. I hated trying to swing that freaking infant seat around, too. Really all I ever used was the baby bjorn (I was a fan, but I don't have a bad back so it was not an issue for me.) It was so much easier to just put the baby in some sort of sling/bjorn than cart the infant seat around. The only good thing about the infant seat was leaving the baby in it in the house if baby was asleep (but there are baby seats and cribs for that...we just never seemed to use the crib so our babies never seemed to like to be in it. Um, don't know if I would recommend that. My kids always slept with me, but I totally understand babies being in cribs earlier on. My take is whatever works for you! Me, I got more sleep with the baby in the bed since I seemed to be constantly nursing.

    I love seeing the latest on baby stuff so I can make sure I have a complete list of how I fucked up my kids when they go to therapy later in life;) hee hee

    I totally did NOT give my first baby enough "tummy time" and I used to think that is why he had issues with handwriting...that he did not develop the strength for it. Oy vey!! PS he still has poor handwriting, but at least it is legible now:)

  5. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Now we get more and more parents who are becoming aware of the government putting crap in the vaccines like mercury.

  6. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Jump in measles outbreaks worries health officials:

  7. Anonymous7:12 AM

    "Now we get more and more parents who are becoming aware of the government putting crap in the vaccines like mercury."

    Citation needed!

  8. " I have a problem with authority. "

    You and me both kid ;)

    And I'm right there with you on all fronts. Good work skipping the infant carrier. #1 it DESTOYED my shoulder with Kid and she was so big she was only in there for the 1st 3 months. #2 they contribute to "flat head" since it is just to easy to leave them in there if they're sleeping.
    For Baby we delayed all vaccines until she was 6 months and then started doing 2 at a time following the Sears plan... but just delayed at the start.

  9. OH and fyi... slings count as "tummy time" and the more you wear them instead of having them flat on their backs the stronger their stomachs and the more they enjoy real tummy time, etc... and perfectly shaped nogs to boot!

  10. Thanks Mrs F! Good to know! I should clarify: maybe it's not that I have a problem with authority, I have a problem with so-called authority acting like they are an authority, when clearly they are loosey-goosey on the facts. The breastfeeding class = wonderful. The woman knew her stuff (even about BPA) and really was knowledgable.

    The woman who taught the newborn class does car seat inspections; I'm half tempted to book her so she can see what a real live person who is NOT getting the goddamn infant seat looks like. :)


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