GDM Update

Robin accurately pointed out that when she sees GDM she thinks of the word goddamn instead of gestational diabetes mellitus. I like to think of it as GDM GDM.

So things are going ok. I talked with a nutritionist this week, cause my energy level was in the toilet. I experimented with eating every four hours (fairly disastrous -- I went to bed at 8 p.m., that's how little energy I had). I ate every 2-3 hours and felt much much better. I cut out cheese servings to one a day. I'm trying my best to get in walks after lunch. I experimented with having milk at my mid-morning snack, which was NOT a good idea (even though the nutritionist said it was OK) -- my blood sugar level went through the roof. Which is scary as hell.

My friend asked me last night what kind of things I was eating: here's a sample, just in case you're curious:

B: whole wheat waffle, 2TB peanut butter
S: hard boiled eggs (2), wasa crackers or some type of bread
L: half a sandwich, typically turkey, 8 oz of milk. Yesterday's indulgence was pesto mayo -- HELLO.
S: cheese stick and piece of fruit or wasa crackers.
S: 2 T peanut butter
D: some type of meat, carb, and milk.

This week's surprises:
  1. All you can eat pizza and salad Monday night. I had three teeny slices (seriously, they're about 1/3 the size of one slice) and two plates of salad. Blood sugar value after dinner =105. My values are supposed to be between 100-140 after a meal.
  2. Steak fajita salad from Chevy's Wednesday night. With ranch dressing. Blood sugar value after dinner = 147. Yikes.
I dunno, it's going Ok I guess. I'm trying not to whine, but man this is a total pain.


  1. I'm so sorry. It won't be for too much longer. :)

  2. It's so hard to figure out what works for you.

    Does the fruit make your blood sugar go up? My DB friend didn't each much fruit unless she was going to do exercise after.

    Splurge at Whole Foods - you'll feel better.

  3. One of my nutrition classes had a whole section on meal planning for diabetic individuals. It was.. difficult (to say the least) to come up with a decent menu plan for ONE DAY! This gave me a whole lot of respect for the people who have to deal with this condition every day all the time.
    In the case of gestational diabetes at least, you know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  4. Truly... although it's not so comforting knowing I have to be tested again 6 weeks post partum and I'll be at increased risk of developing Type 2 for the rest of my life. Ouch.


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