Game ON with the peanut butter


I emailed my allergist about the peanut thing, cause folks, I'm having a hard time eating just cheese and meat as protein sources, and I'm so sick of eggs. I miss my peanut butter. And I re-read the articles and it said that daily consumption was the problem. So I emailed her. She hadn't seen the latest research, which is interesting in that maybe it wasn't so mainstream? I dunno. So I emailed her the article, and she just emailed me back (at 8:15 at night, and she has a four-year-old at home). Here's what she said:

I read this article and my main problem with this is that while daily consumption of " nut products" ( peanut butter was presumed main nut product) was found to be associated with wheezing and asthma symptoms , it was NOT associated with development of peanut allergy in children followed form age 1- 8 years. So a direct causal relation between peanut allergen exposure and asthma development cannot really be supported by this article. There were other things such as statistics used ( I wasn't too convinced since they did not present P values) ,etc but I think the most notable weakness of the study is as I've mentioned. I don't think we can base any recommendations on this study at all. The authors themselves qualify that their findings have to be replicated before recommendations can be made. The AAP stil says that there is no conclusive evidence to support that avoidance of allergenic foods such as peanuts during pregnancy protects from development of allergies and asthma.

Hope this helps!

Kickass!! And I re-read the AAP's recommendations today, and indeed, they say it's OK to eat. I cannot wait for breakfast tomorrow. Game-freaking-on.


  1. Actually, I've read lots of articles saying that exposure, both prenatally and after birth, to multiple allergens both through food and later through pets, dirty (compared to my mother's house) homes etc, produces children with fewer allergies. More pets, fewer allergies (although allergies to the pets themselves were not analyzed). Here in Germany and in Israel food products with peanuts ae freely given to small children (and popcorn too, which freaked me out).

  2. Yeah for that! Peanut butter sandwich this morning?

  3. What a great doctor!

  4. G -- fascinating. Truly. Pete and I are of the opinion that sanitization = not good for the immune system overall. I forgot this small point when freaking out last week. :)

    Alice -- Specifically and since you asked, Trader Joe's creamy salted peanut butter on Ezekial 4:9 cinnamon raisin bread (it's low glycemic and my secret weapon) I almost licked the plate. :)

    Amy -- TRULY. She RULES.

  5. Awesome!!!! I love doctors that
    1. Read things.
    2. Respond via email
    3. Actually seem to care

    Peanut butter & banana sandwich - hummmmmm. Maybe I will start to put some in my banana choco soy milk smoothies. That would be delish.

  6. Yay!! Plus I am so glad you feel good about it, too:)


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