Doc Update

Ok. Doc said again today that she can't be sure LG's lungs are mature until 39 weeks, and that rule is even more important because of the GDM. I told her that I was miserable and ready for this to be over with. She said she knew I was tough but that she was also positive I didn't want to put LG in jeopardy, even if it was in the NICU for a day or so -- just because I was uncomfortable. She is right. I cried.

The good news:
  • My cervix is thinning and I'm having more Braxton-Hicks contractions, which help thin it out more.
  • LG has dropped into my pelvis -- which I suspected given the penguin waddle and pain.
  • We can talk about sweeping the membranes at 38 weeks if the Braxton-Hicks contractions continue and my cervix continues to thin.
  • She highly encouraged me to go for walks, and if my body decides to go into labor early, that's fine.
That's the update. I'm in the process of posting a new picture on Team Hansen. Pete offered the profound insight today that even my face has changed. Wow, such insight. 53 lbs and my face has changed; how strange!!!


  1. Men.... So good at stating the obvious. Gosh!

  2. :( I'm sorry you are so miserable. I won't say anything to try to make you feel better because I know it won't work. ;) I do remember the feeling of, "can we just get this over with, please?"

  3. Hey gals. I'm doing OK today; I think it's a matter of just calibrating my expectations. Everything I heard and read said I'd most likely be induced at 37 weeks, or that she could come early, and I guess I pinned all my hopes on that as a way of dealing with the GDM and everything else. So I've recalibrated and realized that she's probably not going to come early. I'm trying to focus on doing one fun thing a week to cope. :) This weekend I'm buying myself maternity pajamas; I'm tired of the crappy XXL nightgowns from Target. Next week we're having dinner with friends in the city at one of our favorite restaurants. The week after that I get to go to the doc again. The week after that my brother moves to California. The week after that is my due date! I can do this!!

  4. I know exactly what you mean about calibrating your expectations. I didn't expect Kent to come early, so wasn't too anxious at the end of that pregnancy. He came at 38 weeks. Since he was early I just figured Kara would be early, too. So I expected her to come at 38 weeks. Well, she didn't come until 39 1/2 weeks. That was the longest week and a half of my life.

  5. Heather,
    You can so do it.
    And if it helps, you'll never remember this time!

  6. Maternity PJs!! Yay! Have fun with that:)

    My Cali born & raised OB/GYN suggested induction "California-style." Not that it may be appealing to you at all at this stage of pregnancy, but sex is supposed to help jump start labor. And brings lots of laughs because it is so damn ridiculous trying to do that when you are nearly 9 months pregnant.

    I can say it did work with Murphy. My first, Jack, was a preemie (his lungs were fine at 35 weeks.)

    Good luck weeble and wobbling...I felt like such a weeble (remember those little toys) at the end.


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