Day 1 of No Nuts

By no nuts I mean no consuming nuts and nut related products. Rest assured, I'm still nuts.

Breakfast = hopelessly boring. 2 eggs + 1 slice low-glycemic raisin bread. I'm bored just typing it, much less eating it. As of yesterday, I was having peanut butter on aforementioned bread, and it was delicious.

Snack today. Don't freak out, but cookies do not have an effect on my blood sugar when consumed with protein (cheese). I realize I've talked about cheese before, and it still poses the same challenges, but what else am I supposed to eat people? So anyway, I went to get an oatmeal raisin cookie at the cafeteria. I practically skipped down there. My blood sugar was a little low after lunch, so I was especially feeling excited (and justified). I get down there, and all they have is peanut butter or sugar cookies. In my pregnancy brain state, which might as well just be called half-brain state, I got the peanut butter one thinking, oh good, more protein!

One bite in, I realized that this actually might have peanuts in it. Dammit. I ate it anyway. I thought about throwing it out, but really, I was so excited about eating a cookie, given the long list of stuff I can't eat these days. I'm not perfect people. I'm going to try to do better tomorrow. But the no-nut detox is hard.


  1. That sucks. I hope you enjoyed the cookie anyway. :)

  2. I giggled about the peanut butter cookie:)

  3. Keep working on it, and remember, it's not for long. (I am trying to convince myself of that, though I am slowly reaching this point where I start to believe this baby will NEVER come out.)

  4. I know it seems like you are giving up everything. I had to do when they thought I was allergic to gluten. EVERYTHING has gluten in it.:(

    Remember, it's not a perfect science. You do what you can. And if you want cookie, eat it. Damn it.

  5. Robin: It was delicious, for the record.

    All: I've now started having fantasies about peanut butter. I can't seem to throw away the jar I just opened Wednesday morning. And I'm trying to make deals with myself so that I can cope. I'm a PB junkie, people. Through and through. The thought of giving it up for nursing has me seriously despondent. :( I suppose I could always pump and dump.

    Julie: I'm an idiot, right? So hilariously half-brained these days.

    Alice: we can do this. I'm 35 weeks on Monday. 5 to go!

    Newmie: thanks woman!

  6. You're so funny. Maybe a nut detox is best if done slowly. You don't want to get nutty over no nuts.
    (I keep thinking "no cut, no butts, no coconuts." I have no idea why)


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