Complaints in Perspective

Look. I'm not trying to be Debbie Downer here but man, I'm having a hard time being happy/optimistic for the last few weeks here. As I noted to Robin and Alice, methinks the pelvis separation has begun and with that comes well, pain in the pelvis. Like it hurts to walk when I wake up. And hurts in general most of the day.

Complaint #2: my lovely, lovely cousin sent me another glucose meter that is easier to test my blood with. So kind of her to do so -- my insurance didn't stock it. The problem? My blood sugar readings are much higher. Guess I won't be having a five-cookie day anymore. I had just figured out how to rig the old system. Damn. I had strawberries with lunch yesterday and my blood sugar was higher than normal. Cookies = fine. Strawberries = not fine. Eff. I'm just so over the GDM. I miss my fiber one, banana and milk dearly. I mean, dearly. I mean, it will be the first thing I eat when coming home with LG. You'd think it'd be like pizza or something. No. I miss my fiber one.

#3: Puffiness. Right. Cause I'm not feeling huge enough, the water retention EVERYWHERE not just my feet/legs is really awesome. Now I've got a full set of luggage under my eyes that will not go away.

#4: The heartburn. Yesterday was an 8-10 Tums a day day. Thankfully I got the sugar free variety and have them in several locations. I cannot live without them, yet am extremely annoyed that they don't seem to work for longer than an hour. I don't think I can take anything else. Mylanta works like a charm; however it has actual parabens IN IT.

#5 The ongoing weight gain. Yes, it has continued despite my semi-restricted diet. I'm still averaging more than 1 lb. weight gain a week. I'm over caring how much I weigh -- my concern is basic mobility. I'm 5'3", have a small frame and have gained at least 50 lbs. Going for a basic walk is tiring.

#6 The stretch marks, or as Pete and I call them, tire tracks. It now looks like a dirt bike has skidded across my abdomen -- and wait -- there's more! They get worse/bigger every day. I thought they'd stop at my lower belly, but now they're nearly belly button level. I can't wait to have a seersucker belly postpartum.

Now look, don't be commenting and telling me how it's not much longer. YOU TRY this people. I'm tempted to ask my doc to "sweep the membranes" or whatever that is at 38 weeks (Sept. 11 appointment) to encourage things to um, progress. I am over being pregnant. Don't giggle and think back fondly, oh I remember those days, how cute is that??? It's not freaking cute people.

Instead, here's what I'm looking for:
  • Tell me that it's all gonna be worth it. I'll see LG and forget all this stuff.
  • All this stuff is going away in less than four weeks. I've been doing the freaking GDM stuff for seven -- I can handle four.
  • Tell me to focus on milestones each week -- this week the doc and having lunch with a friend Friday and Labor Day weekend. Next week = schedule something else to get by. The week after = something else to look forward to.
  • Tell me to hang in there. Tell me you know how I am feeling and sympathize.
  • Remind me that I've got a healthy baby girl in there, and if she comes out earlier than 38 weeks, there could be a lung issue (according to my OB).
In short, help put these complaints in perspective for me.


  1. You know what will put this into perspective for you? A picture of my stretch marks :o)

    The end of pregnancy sucks. It really does. That's all I can say. Nothing cute about it.

    But your baby will be cute!

  2. Been there done that. I'm 5'2" and gained 50+ lbs with my first too. I understand the mobility problem. :P

    As you can imagine, I was NOT that glowing face of pregnacy. I loved growing my babies but hated not feeling like ME during the whole process. :P

    But, you will forget ALL of this...hard to believe but true. You will look into LG's face and your brain will delete all of it.

    PS~I think you are a BEAUTIFUL woman...luggage and all. :)

  3. I'm so sorry. The last month really does suck. I won't try to convince you otherwise. But it is totally worth it, and you will forget about it. (Otherwise, no one would have more than one baby.)

    Re: sweeping the membranes. Do it!! With Kara, I had an appointment at week 39 and was actually already scheduled to be induced in a couple of days. The nurse practitioner checked me and said that I was dilated about 1 cm. Then she said, "do you want me to sweep your membranes?" I had heard of this, but hadn't thought of asking for it. I asked her, "does it work?" She said, "they don't call me magic fingers for nothing!" To which I replied, "well then, what are you waiting for? get in there!" :) So she did. It was fast and painless. I went into labor less than 24 hours later. I love her. Want me to see if she'll fly to SF?

  4. BTW, you are gorgeous. I was looking at your pictures from the weekend. I know you don't feel it, but you really are beautiful.

  5. Yeah... I could tell you all the stuff about how you're going to forget it all when you see baby, and it's true. But being that I can TOTALLY sympathize with you, I won't. I mean, this is the LAST kid I am having. This SUCKS, sucks sucks sucks! Plus you have GDM and I have Cholestasis. Gosh, I feel like swearing.

  6. Oh heather. All my kids were born at 41 weeks. I know exactly how you feel (minus GD). IT SUCKS.
    I remember crying every single day.

    I remember calling my mom miserable 3 days over my due date...and having her remind me that she was 18 days over her due date with me. Thanks mom.

    I had my membranes stripped multiple times with all three children and it never did a thing. (not to be a downer...if your body is ready to go-it works like a charm....mine obviously wasn't)

    Fantastic idea with the milestones. I used to plan dinner with friends (ones that I felt comfortable being totally grumpy around of course), movie night, . ANYTHING to look forward to so that if I didn't have my baby at LEAST I could do something that didn't involve sitting at home in pain, crying, wishing I weren't pregnant.

    Also, it use to drive my crazy when people would say, "what? you haven't given birth yet?" with a what's-wrong-with-you tone of voice.

    As much as I complain about the end of pregnancy, if I were to go back I wouldn't change a thing. I know I bypassed a lot of health risks for my kids if I were to be induced early. That said, tons of people (ahem. EVERYONE but me) have their kids early and they're fine. I know that in my family jaundice and reflux usually accompany early induction.

    I think most moms are totally with you on the end of pregnancy sucking big time. Good luck!

  7. ps I did have THREE in FIVE years. As bad as it was YES totally worth it.

  8. Oh yes, it IS miserable! I have teens now and I remember being whiny and irritable and just feeling so damn FAT and ungainly. I am 5'3" as well and packed it on. I did lose the weight fairly quickly (so much fluid!) if that helps.
    Unfortunately, I went to 42 and 41 weeks with my first 2 and had a planned c-section at 39 weeks with the last. I cried daily after my due date with the first 2 but I'm glad they stayed in as they needed the extra time, I guess.
    Give yourself planned events and fun things to look forward to. Seems like they don't let women go as long very much anymore--
    Those "almost done" comments remind me of the last few miles of a marathon when spectators will yell, "Only 2 more miles...." AAAAHHHHH...everyone knows it's the last 2 miles that kills you...a lot like pregnancy.

    ALL TOTALLY WORTH IT (and I have 3 teenage daughters)

  9. Some good news people: I'm not going to the office anymore. I'm working from home for the next two weeks, exclusively. I'm in the office today for a little bit to get around a thorny conference call issue that involves several levels higher than me (who does not like people working from home) so I'm pretending like I've been here all day. So the great news is I only had to come up with one work outfit this week. The bad news: my shirt has a stain on it. Dammit.

    Amy -- please do share. We can be corduroy stomach twins. Yes, she had BETTER be cute. ;)

    Thanks Staci! Exactly -- I don't feel like ME anymore. And thanks for saying I'm bootiful.

    Robin -- yes please on flying Ms. Magic Fingers out. And thank YOU also for saying I'm bootiful. You KNOW I'm not feeling that way at all.

    Alice -- fist pump, woman. That's all I gotta say.

    KatieO -- Oh no. 41 weeks. Good god. I can't do this 5 more weeks. I just can't. Thank God I'm not going to the office anymore -- I can't take anyone asking me how I'm doing anymore. I know they mean well, but when I tell them I have four more weeks they're like "Really???????? FOUR MORE???" Trust me people, no one wants it to be less than four more than me. Some DUDE just said something along the lines of you'll be just fine/it's not much longer/it'll go fast, and I said, "really? How many babies have you had?"

  10. You will forget how much it sucks at times to be pregnant. I remember being so miserable. It is so crazy after you have the baby, too. The whole "I can't believe they are letting us leave the hospital with our baby."

    It is totally worth it. (although there were a few points this summer with my kids I wondered why oh why did i ever have kids...please forgive me:) )

    Just think of all the cute onesies you have for LG! And it is just mesmerizing to watch them sleep in your arms. They make cute little faces while they sleep and smile while sleeping. Oh, it is so wonderful!!!!! Totally worth it.

    The heartburn will be GONE the minute you have baby girl. Trust me.

    Robin is right. I think you look absolutely stunning. Really.

  11. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Hang in there! It is all worth it! ENJOY working from home and then BEING OFF before LG arrives - what a wonderful opportunity. Sleep, rest and relax as much as you can (easier said than done, I know!). The heartburn does go away immediately - yea! The stretch marks, not so much. But again, totally worth it.

    Is the infant seat the same as a bouncy seat? And you are against it, why? I must have missed the previous explanation...Tell me all about the nanny, too!


  12. All I can say is, that it is totally worth it. Having only a week old little one, all this misery will soon be a thing of the past. Literally after he came out, even just the head, everything was gone and forgotten. The minute you hold LG, you'll never want to let go. When she looks up at her mama, you will know that with everything that has been going, this beautiful little princess was worth every minute. Sure, it's not fun now but the best is to come.

  13. You know I know... I know about the weight gain and stretch marks. I'm sorry. I'd like to carry this burden alone.
    With Kid I didn't get any until about 7 or so months along and I kept wishing/hoping/praying they'd stop moving up. Like... "okay this isn't what I wanted but I can deal with it if you don't stretch anymore"... then of course they did.

  14. Oh and if you want I'll email you a pic of my stomach... for real. Maybe it will help to see what they look like when... maybe not.

  15. Exactly Mrs F. I mean, the 53 lbs I've gained isn't enough? I have tire tracks slowly inching their way up and on the back of my hips. While I'm confident I'll have a flat stomach again someday, the though of it being seersucker or corduroy doesn't excite me. Good thing my mom is such a devotee of Strivectin. I'll be slathering that stuff on as soon as I finish breastfeeding.


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